11 thoughts on “How did this guy know I am in the building? I stopped moving as soon as I heard the bus”

  1. It’s not wall hacks it’s just visual audio. If it was wall hacks why would he almost drive past you, If i knew exactly where you were I would have just driven through u.

  2. Hmm… it’s possible he knew someone was around from visual audio, esp when you started moving once he started shooting, but the way he was aiming at you through the wall makes me think wall hacks

    I’d have watched a while afterwards to see if it happened to anyone else. I’ve seen some really sus stuff this season, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was using wall hacks

  3. In this season I had some matches when I got sniped in a bush by someone who had no freaking way to know i was there. I guess more people come back to the game and the amount of cheaters just grow.

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