How Do I Deal With Terrible Beginner Dungeons with Pugs As A New Player?

I just started playing wow not even a week ago with a group of friends and I’ve been trying to play dungeons by myself while they aren’t online. My options are currently limited to BFA dungeons so they have mechanics I’m not very familiar with. I’m also starting with level 25 to 30 gear so I’m not the most optimized in the world.

I was able to get in a Pug for Underrot that was unlocked for level 25 and I wanted to try it. I watched a video beforehand to make sure I don’t upset anyone with surprise deaths. Once I was in the higher level tank player already lets me know how garbage I was with my current level and gear and walks off to start pulling. Almost immediately after the first 3 groups, he starts a kick vote for another DPS for not knowing the quickest path around the dungeon. Hell, I dint even know cause most guides only show boss mechanics, so I’m super surprised I wasn’t next. 1,2,3 and he was gone and immediately replaced by another.

The tank (DemonHunter) also uses a movement ability that provides a large leap to jump over large obstacles. 2 or 3 of us had no way over and were called useless because of it. We get wiped once someone wasn’t able to get through mobs without triggering them. I was kicked for low damage and the healer was kicked while being called garbage low IO which is a term I’m not familiar with.

Is there any way to play some of the earlier starter dungeons, am I forced to just be expected to play like a god every time, or just find better ways to enjoy solo content while waiting for my friends? I don’t want to drop this game just cause of limited beginner options or dick players in casual dungeons. Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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  1. All I can say is they aren’t all like that. You can level just fine by questing and learning your toons abilities that way. When you do dungeons just try and learn the routes and mechanics, but if someone is that much of an elitist they are just a dick. I would have been the guy whispering you apologizing for the tank we ended up with… I hate people like that. It’s hard enough to come into this game. We don’t need ppl like that.

  2. Sadly many don’t have time for new players. Every low level character is presumed to be an alt and you’re expected to know the ins and outs of every dungeon.

    If you find Chromie in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and set the time period to Classic or Cataclysm (whichever is top left) generally you’ll get put into groups with the oldest dungeons with arguably the easiest mechanics.

  3. 100% chance that tank is a terrible player. I have never seen anyone who acts like this actually be any good (extends to other games too. LoL in low ranks is wild). Its more common in m+ and other higher level content but the loudmouths are basically always garbage.

    It really sucks when this happens and most of us have had to deal with it. It leaves an outside impression on the new player. No one should ever ever act like this, particularly in leveling content but its not the norm. Try it again and im sure you will meet some better people.

  4. Most_Practical

    Sounds like you just got stuck with bad tank. I normally say first time here and people are pretty forgiving. If you time walk you get acress to other dungeons.

  5. you’re going to run into some people like that going into SL dungeon content at this point in the expac. my advice, remember it’s a them problem, not a you problem. anyone that wants to get elitist in leveling content has MUCH bigger problems lmao. try to find some friendly, patient players to roll with, or look for a guild that includes casual or leveling gameplay.

    anyone that goes into the BFA dungeons to which new players are restricted and expects people to parse is in for a long road of disappointment.

    people like your tank are just the loud minority.

    don’t worry about your gear and performance until 60 anyway.

  6. If anyone’s rude to you, just right click their name in chat or their avatar and block them. They’re just being assholes

  7. Me_Myself-and-I

    There is one rule that applies to any content you do in WoW… the one talking the loudest in instance/party chat is probably the worst player, and certainly isn’t good at the game.

  8. When not knowing mechanic, or first Time doing a dungeon with a rôle you are not familiar to, Always try to give a disclaimer.

    Either a nice person will start to help you, or in vert rare case you will be kicked with apologies.

    People are not (and it’s sad) familiar with interaction in premade group. Make the first move, show that you are willing to learn, and you will be surprised by the amount of kind player

  9. Btw it doesn’t look like anyone has addressed the “can I go to earlier dungeons” question – yes you can, unless this is your very first character ever. If it’s your first, you have to play through the later dungeons. But if it’s not, you can find chromie in your capital city and change what expansion you want to level in. If you change to the earlier expansions you’ll get the earlier dungeons.

  10. IO is a reference to a railing adding called Raider IO. It’s basically an ego boost for PvE Andies. Also, it sounds like you played through freehold. It’s a VERY frustrating dungeon, for new players and veteran players alike. The new players don’t know mechanics or fast routes, the veteran players shit on the new players, or multiple veteran players argue over which way to go. Best thing to do is ignore them. People love being pieces of shit in low lvl dungeons

  11. Suffer through, bad teams help you improve. If you get carried all the time you’ll never really grow as a player

  12. CaptainUnderpants_91

    Dude, while leveling dungeons are specifically made to be easy/hard to die/fail. Just have fun with them and learn as you go. There’s no reason to research stuff just play it out. In a few months you will laugh about how bad you used to be. It’s normal

  13. How is it not obvious that your tank had the IQ and charisma of a rock? Kick him or leave the dungeon yourself, I’m not wasting a sec of my life on power-tripping loser.

  14. Educational_Half_711

    Best merhod to dealing with pugs, is not to pug wow is played best with friends/guildies.

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