How do I see all comments on Facebook? How do I see all comments on Facebook?



You can access all comments in the Activity Log. First, open the timeline view and you will find the link to the activity log. Select “Comments” in the activity log and you will get a chronological list of all your comments.


Why can’t I see all the comments on Facebook?


  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app or browser; -Restart your computer or phone; – Uninstall and reinstall the app if you are using the phone; – Log in to Facebook and try again.


How to change Facebook comment settings?

To change who can comment on your public posts:


Click on the top right corner of Facebook.


Select Settings and Privacy, then click Settings.


Click Public Messages on the left.


Go to Who can follow me and make sure the Audience is selected.


Click Edit next to Comments on public posts.


Choose who can comment on your public posts


Why does Facebook only show the most relevant comments?


This means that you will see more often the top: comments or reactions from friends, comments from verified profiles and pages, and comments with the most likes and replies. This custom command is only available for comments on site posts. ”


How do I set Facebook as the default for all comments?

1-Log into your Facebook account and visit the page.


2 – Click the Settings link located at the top of the page under the blue bar.


3 – Scroll down and click Rank Comments.


4 – Uncheck the box next to Show the most relevant comments by default.


Frequently Asked Questions:



Here are the followings questions as follows:


How to view and delete all your comments on Facebook posts?


How do I disable the most relevant Facebook comments?

Visit your Facebook page and click Settings in the top right corner. Click General and select “Rank Comments”. Uncheck the “Show most relevant comments by default” box.


How do I find comments someone has reported on Facebook?

If you remember a particular user by name, you can enter “comments added by” in the Facebook search bar. You can refine your search results by using the filters on the left. However, it seems to give you more information about the people on your friend’s list or other group members.


How can I see Facebook comments which are not the most relevant?

Click Page Setup in the lower left corner of the page. In the General section, click Rank comments. To enable comment ranking, click to check the box next to Show top comments by default. To disable comment ranking, click to uncheck the box next to Show top comments by default.


How do I change my comment to the most relevant?

Visit your Facebook page and click on Settings at the top right. Click on General and select the “Rank comments” option. Uncheck the box next to “Show most relevant comments by default”. Click Save Changes.


Final Thoughts:


Facebook LIVE Comments are not displayed? Always make sure to check your device’s app store to make sure you have the latest update for Facebook.


How can I see hidden comments on Facebook?

You can show posts that you have hidden from the history in the activity log:


Go to your profile and click “View Activity Log”

Click “Post You Hidden” on the left.

Use the years on the right to navigate the activity log.


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