How do you deal with Roadhog

I’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half and so far I have no idea how to deal with Roadhog. Most of time if I’m nearly about to kill a Roadhog it will heal itself all the way back to full health, if I keep my distance I get hooked by his chain and die in one hit. I’d say I’ve probably only killed a Roadhog 7 times throughout my hours on Overwatch. Do anyone have any advice

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  1. Lower ranks Reaper can counter Hog. Otherwise use someone with range like McCrea, Hanzo, soldier or Ashe

  2. As my experience as a hog main, Dva, Ana, and zen (discord) are the best counters. If you play dps only, I’d suggest playing mei (carefully, as hog can still one shot you) or something like torb, as you can be oneshotted in overload, and have a considerable dps using shotgun on him.

  3. Sym turrets can shred him pretty easily if they’re placed well, and I’ve had plenty of luck using Moira. His hook is pretty easy to dodge if you’re able to judge when he’s gonna use it, and the cool down is pretty long.

    Try staying aware of where he is and when he uses hook. If you see him miss a hook, you and the teammate he tried to hook can focus him until he’s dead. Maybe it’s because I’m a Moira main, so I can heal myself and escape quickly, but I don’t bat an eye when fighting Hog. He’s annoying sometimes, but manageable.

  4. Really just takes a lot of shooting from the team. but my favorite is mei. Freeze him then ice wall behind him so he can’t escape. Freeze, icicle headshot, freeze again. Someone on your team should help out to get the kill. Bonus points if you can bait out his hook with your invincible ice ability.

  5. Sombra and Ana fuck his world up, and Zen’s discord melts him fast as well.

    Just hug corners until he burns Hook, then punish. Hogs tend to be crazy over aggressive, boardering on suicidal.

  6. Hitscan dps along with Zen/Ana counter him pretty effectively as long as they put a conscious effort into shutting him down. It’s when you’re in gold and players have the awareness and reaction time of a blind old man that this is ineffective because they’ll keep getting flanked by a Hog who is flanking the entire game and go shocked Pikachu each time it happens. Ana has 2 cool downs that shut him down hard, and discord with hitscan dps makes it risky for him to even go for hooks if he’s off by himself flanking because he can be deleted before he can even hit E.

  7. As a Tank and Support Main…


    1. Rein – Always trick him into using his hook on your barrier
    2. Sigma – Same as above
    3. Zarya – Always bubble the ones he hooked

    To do the above, most Hogs would try to hook for environmental kills (should there be any) or into their team, and a big, tall, juicy target is a beautiful thing for them. So I just turn off my shield and ‘guess’ when he’ll throw out the hook, and I can say I got pretty good at it, but this takes lots of practice.


    1. Mercy – Always be hidin’ or be as slippery as ****
    2. Moira – Nothing much here, just hold down Shift if you get hooked
    3. Ana – Her cooldowns are a Hog’s nightmare

    Most importantly, when the Hog runs away, it might not always the right move to chase after him, for who knows if he has his Ult ready ~~to just have his way with you by pushing you against the wall by blowing his load straight into your fa-~~ to ambush you.

    To take him down as a Tank/Support would be difficult (unless you’re Ana), so your goal is to hurt him along with the DPS and to always pressure him mentally. Missed hooks, damage indicators, no environmental kills, stunned/slept/bottled, everything and anything to keep pressure on him.

    Remember, a stressed enemy Hog is good for your team.

  8. On support Ana is my go to for Roadhog. Her nade stops him from healing and his fat belly is a perfect target for sleep dart and he’s good for ult charge.
    Mercy is also a good pick just to keep out of his reach most of the time, just make sure your behind cover and watch his hook.
    For DPS I hear Reaper is good against him, and Sombra can hack him to keep him from healing as well. I play Ashe and Widow a lot and really have no problem with him, since I’m mostly more distant from him.

  9. Get an understanding of his hook’s range and stay out of it. When he uses hook or breather call it out immediately and have your team focus him.

    Zenyatta discord orb works wonders

    Ana anti-nade works wonders

    Stunning him out of his self heal almost makes him a sitting target

    Just focus him. Hog has a tendency to feed ult charge when you play around his hook and breather

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