How I Would Improve Trial Events!


So, the lantern trials end today, and I thought I would give some suggestions how to improve these trial events!

1: Get rid of placement challenges. They’re just boring and really time consuming. I’ve been doing the day 5 challenge for the lantern trials for a few hours and have only got 1 point so far

2: Display the challenges in game for anyone who signed up for the trials. This would help keep track of the challenges

3: Allow us to do past challenges while the event is active. This would benefit those who might not be able to play everyday, but still want to get the rewards. For example, I couldn’t do the day 2 challenge for the lantern trials because I was busy that day.

In conclusion, these trials really need improvement.


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1 thought on “How I Would Improve Trial Events!”

  1. I might be in the minority but God do I dislike the trials. Most of them basically require a day’s worth of commitment to the game (the placement challenges being the biggest offender), which is incredibly difficult when I have a job + need to sleep and don’t have infinite hours to play games anymore.

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