How was the game different at it’s peak popularity? Do you expect a spike with the new expansion?


Interacting with the auctions made me wonder if it was better back in the days.

I’ve managed to sell a bunch of stuff, so it’s not like it’s dry.

Did group finder work faster back in the day? Was there more PvP?

I recently explored a PvP zone and I am enabled to allow it, but didnt get attacked once. Was it more of a war zone back in the days?

Is there a chance it will go back to that with the new expansion?


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  1. I was on a PVP server end of Wrath and all through Cataclysm. There was a lot of world PVP, and a lot of trash talking amongst members on the official forums for the games server, which was Shattered Hand.

    Stranglethorn Jungle and Vale are now some of my favorite zones… now that I can walk them more then 20 feet at a time without getting slaughtered.

    It frustrated me then, but looking back, seeing the same folks engaging in the combat each time and getting to know (*and fear*) certain characters/players was fun.

  2. So at its peak popularity. My server was actually a full server, had queue times on occasion, and would also crash enough that it had its own nickname. The WoW tcg team was prevalent on our server, so those fortunate enough to be friends with those players were all running around with spectral tigers among other tcg items.

    I honestly do not miss sitting in trade chat spamming LFM/LFG. Even back then, there was still a tank/healer shortage. Or forming a group, going halfway into the whatever dungeon and on the first wipe, the entire group disbands. For me personally, this is why I liked LFD during wrath.

    You always knew who was in the top guild on your server. Whether alliance or horde and some of these players without intending were kinda like idols or mini celebrities on our server. I remember the first time I ever did a WSG at level cap in vanilla, I happened to be in it with my servers top guilds main tank. He was in full T3, thunder fury in hand and just ran to the flag and the enemy team just couldn’t kill him. Now when I see people with TF or dual glaives, it’s either because they are the GM of the guild, loot council, or bought it in a gdkp run.

    Now, my server is kept alive due to server merges. Even with such a small population, there’s no real sense of community. The upside is there’s absolutely 0 spam in trade for boosts or carry runs. There aren’t even many server trolls just spouting nonsense in trade chat.

  3. When I started back in late BC there was basically just the summoning stones in front of dungeons, nothing more. Then later in Wrath they introduced the LFD tool which people usually grinded for badges of justice/valor to buy introductory raid gear and such so they would be able to get the baseline to pug raids or run them with their guilds. Gearing characters for PvP was incredibly easy. If you were lucky, you could usually fully gear a character in a weekend if you played the entire 2 days. Dailies were optional and weren’t forced on anyone, reputation grinds were much easier at least with Wrath with wearing the tabard and all.

    TDLR; The game was much less of a grind back then and seemed more fun. Now it seems like a chore.

  4. For the PvE side of things, just remember that cross realm wasn’t a thing back then, so you were limited to the population of your realm

    Group finder nowadays has waaaay more people than it did at the highest point in WotLK after it was introduced, because back then at most you had all the people in your realm, while right now you can have everyone that is playing

  5. Honestly feels busier these days due to connected realms, CRZ, more queues for content – there’s always people a button click away. Once you got out of the crowded early zones, you saw fewer people during the leveling process because it was a lot harder to get back to a main city. The people you did encounter you tended to group up with for a few quests or dungeons and chat with.

    In chat, there was no spam about carries, instead it was mostly people looking for groups for content, advertising guilds or crafts to sell/buy, just shooting the shit. There was no discord back then so chat was much more lively and how most people socialised.

    Groups took much longer to form but people had a lot more patience. Most of us were all pretty clueless and it was fun to stumble along together. The rare person who used Thottbot was basically the group’s guide.

    World PvP was HUGE. On some servers there were dedicated gankers for some leveling zones. Some zones were basically designated free for alls – you could really never quest in Hillsbrad. World objectives saw a lot of use. On my server we organised guild vs guild battles at them. Faction city raids were pretty common. Between LFG and world defence channels you could always find PvP. Cata saw a huge resurgence in world PvP with guild summon.

    Server reputation seemed to matter more. You knew that those folks always looking for a last pug for their RBGs in trade chat ran toxic groups. You knew that so and so had max crafting, or that guild ABC would often throw costume contests or that the raiding top dogs were guild XYZ. Guilds worked together to cover filler slots for raids or RBGs. There was also more bullying – entire guilds could decide to troll someone.

    Overall, there was a stronger framework for organically meeting people and becoming friends, but a large part of that is down to design changes and the evolution of internet tech (such as discord changing the in game chat landscape), not the number of people playing… however some of those changes were due to a reduced population.

  6. New expansion always has a huge bump of players. People make a big deal out of the fact that around 50% of players leave after a month or two but that’s the reality of games now. Any big game on launch is hugely popular, you don’t need to look further than New World or Lost Ark. Games that were literally popular for just the two months. Then for wow it will probably go back to its standard popularity, if the expansion is any good maybe a bit higher if not probably lower.

  7. there wasnt a group finder back in the day. You would write in the chat for the area if you needed people to run a dungeon while leveling and people would frequently help each other complete quests to get to the dungeon quest. Made a lot of friends that way since people were all just having fun hanging out and had put the group together ourselves so we were determined.

    PvP used to be based on realm, so if you were on one of those you couldnt turn PvP off. People used to go ham on eachother back then, but at the same time I remember a group of us horde fighting a group of alliance and me and the druid on the other side just bowed to eachother instead of attacking since there was a fun little respect because of the cenarion circle type thing.

    Overall people used to be less “go go go, rush through this dungeon, guilds only talk when they raid” and took time to just sit places and hangout with the other people online. its gone pretty downhill

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