48 thoughts on “Hows your qp to comp ration? Am I wierd for playing mostly qp?”

  1. BrilliantMortgage105

    Playing comp made me hate overwatch. I only played liked 30hrs of comp and decided it’s too toxic and quick play is just more fun. Once I left comp I started to really enjoy overwatch again

  2. Nope, I prefer QP because it’s more chill and I can make fun of those trying to treat it like comp

    EDIT: lol @ u/OkanJack for getting on their alts to downvote my comments and upvote theirs

  3. Waddle_Dynasty

    Around 5.0

    Mainly play comp just to get gold weapons and then show them off in qp.

  4. I stopped comp more than a year ago

    Climbed from silver to low diamond high plat back and forth

    I just cant stand the douches in plat and diamond, my gosh!

    Qp arcade is where its at. Very short queues and tons of fun until you face 3 tank comps

    Some dudes take even qp arcade too serious, like why the heck would you bring a 3 tank comp vs 6 dps? Lol

  5. AssassinGardener

    Everyone’s different; I’ve seen players with 1000hrs on Mercy in QP, and 0hrs in comp, whilst I’ve also seen bronze players with a thousand hours in comp, 0 hours in QP… and yet still bronze, or even players who only play Mystery Heroes, or absolute custom game warriors, with 100s of hours in said gamemode, and nowhere else. Personally, I used to have 200hrs in QP, and 0 in comp, before grinding the shit out of comp, up to now, when I have about 300 hours in comp and QP each. Just depends on what you enjoy, no reason to think (or care on any level) that you’re weird.

  6. 1200 qp, 300 comp, 200 arcade, 80 browser, and 23 experimental.

    Play what you enjoy 🙂

  7. I haven’t done comp since like season 4. I don’t even play much QP. 90% of the time I play arcade.

  8. Competitive in Overwatch is poorly designed in terms of SR gain/loss imo. Plus, you run into toxic people constantly who can never be in the wrong; it’s the rest of the team being bad 🙄 it’s not the type of environment where you can have fun playing a game imo

  9. Today, after 100 hours of quickplay on pc and 100 on ps4, I decided to play comp for an hour. Never again.

  10. The real question is what’s your mystery heroes to comp ratio…because mine is probably like 300/1 by now lol

  11. I used to be 90% QP, 10% Arcade. I was intimidated by Comp. Then I tried the role queue beta and found it wasn’t that bad. I think it was bc it was a beta that I didn’t take it too seriously and by the end of it my training wheels were off so to speak. I’ve since put in >2,000 hours in Comp and rarely play the other modes. I think it’s because I play pretty hard / intensely that I prefer Comp. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with avoiding Comp and playing only QP or even Arcade. This is a videogame and you can play whatever mode you like most.

    What I prefer about QP is that it’s a more relaxed experience. I’m a support main and it can get tiring and frustrating having the enemy constantly want to take me out. As for toxicity, I don’t use voice chat and people on console mostly don’t use text chat (plus I could always turn that off as well.)

    Edit: a few words

  12. Ye you very veeeerery wierd… 0 doubt about that, never met some one wierd like you before

  13. I only played comp to get a golden gun on Winston and stopped playing after season 5.

    1,111 hours of quickplay

    65 hours of comp

  14. No ur not.

    As someone that strictly plays ranked multi-player games and cares about his ranking etc, I’ve come to the following:

    1) there are too many stupid players in this community
    2) how sr works in this game is absolutely a horrendous idea
    3) there are too many sensitive players in this community

    I want to play competitive to win, not express myself as a mercy one trick that duos with a anti-speed lucio/flank-hardt, etc. Combine all this with the shitty meta we have right now (buffing low skilled heros to make them just as or more viable than higher skilled heros) and I’ve joined the quick play gang. First game I’ve ever played where I stopped playing the ranked game mode. Diamond player that had to make the brutal climb out of plat multiple times due to leavers and cheaters and people who throw.

    Qp is the way for ow1, can’t wait for ow2 b/c it seems like you can actually pick up where your teammates are slacking, everyone seems like they do more.

  15. Exact_Combination_38

    I feel comp is much more enjoyable for me personally. I have deactivated chat and voice chat, so no toxicity whatsoever.

    And if you take that factor away, comp is so much better (at least at my rank). No constant leavers that get replaced sometime, more competitive mindset and best of all better matchmaking. What I had to witness in QP is atrocious. Two or three new accounts per team sometimes, and then you can roll a dice. Either they are really new to the game and fall off the map, or they are a smurf and roll you on Doomfist. Winning or losing is much more of pure RNG in QP.

    I’m in low Gold and I only rarely encounter real smurfs down here.

  16. Mine is worse than yours and I have over 1000 hours in the game.

    Play what you wanna play. I personally avoid comp cause I realized I was far less happy playing it than QP and I also don’t really like swapping characters and often don’t feel like using voice. No need to go crutch myself in a competitive mode when I can just chill and play QP. Comp is also a mental grind, your resolve will be tested by people talking trash, asking you to switch constantly, and ‘experts’ who think they know a strat or believe there is only 1 way to win. I personally didn’t want to deal with all that.

    I’ll probably go back to Comp for a while in OW2 to see if it feels as toxic and necessary to swap and decide again. It’d be fun to grind up but competitive is very much a grind and it’s own kind of mental challenge.

    Ultimately you should play what makes you have the most fun though, unless you feel like you have a goal or need to just climb ladder that is more important than not getting upset.

  17. Nope! play the game how you want to, it’s meant for fun and entertainment purposes only, doesn’t matter what us competitive players say at that point!

  18. I can’t do comp at all because I know how I get in those modes in games. I begin to obsess over my rank and let it bother me immensely if it falls. I’d start to aggressively go over any mistake I make and that of my teammates. Basically, if I ever want to not have any fun at all and ruin my day, I’d play comp.

    QP on the other hand has my mmr hidden and since I don’t know it any losses cease to matter to me after a few games at most. I notice mistakes of myself and others but it doesn’t really matter to me in this mode.

  19. 700+ hours QP…

    <1 hour comp…

    Owned the game since day one, comp is just malignant cancer.

  20. I exclusively play Mystery Heroes, only time I go into other modes is for Lucioball, and snowball survival. Comp is too much pressure. I’m here to have fun, and MH is enough of a challenge with the randomness.

  21. I only play QP. When asked about it (I do not lock my profile) I say it’s because I want to have fun.

    Nope, not weird at all from my perspective.

  22. What’s surprising, you didn’t play arcade as much. Mystery heroes is the most casual experience and I love it more than QP

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