38 thoughts on “I am all for changes which make the game funnier”

  1. Penny_Royall

    I see it being toned down or the second boop knock back will not be as strong.

    As a Zen main tho…don’t nerf it pls.

  2. You know what was funnier? Hammonds kit before nerf

    Edit: and yet people are not into it, they revoked his existence papers

  3. Can’t wait to kick someone into the well and scream: THIS IS ILLIOS!

    I recommend taking more time with your shots, observe where your target is going, and lead your shots. Better to guarantee landing a few hits than missing most of them

  4. Zen needed a buff. Kinda wish there was a little more creativity with it but it’s a tool that helps zen alot and is a minor but effective change – well done.

  5. old zen: misses one shot, dies, “zen switch please”


    new zen: misses every single shot, kicks the shit out genji.

  6. DisturbedWaffles2019

    I genuinely think it’s a really good change. It makes people have to be more wary of Zenyatta and makes him more than a sitting duck for the flankers who thrive in the 5v5 format. Hoping to see changes of a similar caliber to the other supports to make them fit better in the beta.

  7. BiggerBadgers

    Is Genji deflecting and still getting punted or is that the new discord animation?

  8. They Shoukd give the kick some effects so it doesn’t just look like an ordinary melee

  9. My student *kick* your lesson today *kick* is to learn *kick* how to dodge *kick* these hands

  10. PlagueMeister4

    If you get kicked in this much by Mr. NoMobilitySupportHero that shit’s on you, I hope they don’t nerf it to be honest.

  11. The best thing about snap kick is that it’s a legitimate balance change to counter one of zen’s weaknesses. The speed increase, lack of tank and less transes make zen super prone to being dove and snap kick gives him more damage up close and a way to get people off of him.

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