17 thoughts on “I have been playing for 16 seasons now and this is the best sniper shot I’ve ever done.”

  1. This is one of the easiest sniper shots I think I’ve ever seen posted to this sub, surely OP is joking…

  2. one time the guy went behind a tree and I had to guess how far he went and shoot through it. actually worked.

  3. NoExamination2349

    One time I quickscoped headshot a guy gliding from 200 meters

    Replay was corrupted 💀

  4. I somehow magically no scoped someone who jumped into one of those wind turbine loops a while back I tried to clip it but it didn’t record properly😢 that was my best snipe of all time

  5. is there still the flare gun? cause I sometimes see the flare gun thing happen, but no flare

  6. hmm. this snipe is easy idk how thats the best there hunting rifles are the best snipers for me

  7. U should practice more. When I let one fly ,from the top of the blimp, across the map on the tiniest speck of movement that may more may not have been a chicken, it didn’t give me an impossible head shot. It gave me wood.

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