I hope this location shows up in the Dragon Isles in some form (concept art from WoW’s early development)

I hope this location shows up in the Dragon Isles in some form (concept art from WoW’s early development)

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21 thoughts on “I hope this location shows up in the Dragon Isles in some form (concept art from WoW’s early development)”

  1. Would be cool. But I think they used the concept in Kul Tiras. They may not go with it again

  2. 911isaconspiracy

    I really wish the design team did 2 things

    1. More coastal structures/monuments overlooking the sea.

    2. Make more “plains” out of zones. Be brave enough to make a dessert or tundra ACTUALLY that. Let us feel the travelling (while we’re stuck with ground mounts). Let us not see any structures besides a road and maybe some lamp posts while we’re riding through sand/snow storms with only our minimap guiding us. Make the environment feel like what it’s called. Think Tanaris/Thousand Needles but one step further.

  3. If it wasn’t obvious, this location was intended to be some sort of Old God temple, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they show up in Dragonflight in some form.

    More context via [wowpedia](https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Isles):

    > The Dragon Isles were originally conceptualized during the development of World of Warcraft but were cut early on. They were intended to be located north of Lordaeron and west of Quel’Thalas, as a level 65-70 zone with a raid. They were also planned to host temples to the Old Gods. Some early maps also labeled the isles with the name “Alexstrasza”, implying she would be present.

    > Some working assets labeled “Dragon Isles” are still present in the game files. They were added during the World of Warcraft beta and are used only in a test zone named Designer Island. The set consists of a large nautilus-shaped temple as well as three caves with structures built over the entrances. A hermit crab-shaped temple had also been designed but did not make it to the game files. The nautilus-shaped Old God temple is also present on a piece of concept artwork simply labeled “Dragon Isles” included in both The Art of World of Warcraft and the original in-game credits.

    > Despite being cut even before the World of Warcraft beta, the small islands still appeared, unlabeled, on the in-game World Map just north of Lordaeron until they were removed in Wrath of the Lich King. It was only in Battle for Azeroth that the first canonical mention of the Dragon Isles was made, before they were finally introduced in Dragonflight.

    > The concept of red dragons living on islands north of Lordaeron is consistent with the Warcraft II manual stating that dragons are native to “the untamed northlands of Azeroth”. The idea of Alexstrasza inhabiting an island near the Eastern Kingdoms was also seen in the canceled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, in which she lived in a cave on Crestfall.

    > Soggoth the Slitherer’s remains at the Master’s Glaive and the giant kraken temple in the Shrine of the Storm both closely resemble the Dragon Isles temple concept.

    **EDIT**: I’m just now remembering that the Shrine of the Storms from BFA bears a [close resemblance](https://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/779968-shrine-of-the-storm.jpg) to this artwork, so perhaps it’d be redundant to add something else similar so soon. I’m sure it could work though.

  4. It’s like a Cambodian temple had a baby with a Thai temple and that baby rides an octopus.

  5. Argentinian YouTuber Karlana did an interview with Jeremy Feasel where he stated they wanted to tell a different story in Dragonflight from what the original developers had in mind for the zone, so that puts this in the “maybe but probably not” category, I think.

  6. Seems unlikely and I think they would have led with it considering this concept art is pretty well known.

  7. Same! This concept art has always amazed me, and made me wonder what is going on in there. Well, obviously Old God stuff, but the specifics I always wanted to see.

  8. The beacon in the cinematic looks like a sword handle & the energy from the artifact is pulsating down towards the depth, not from the depth.

    There’s obviously something sealed down there, altho interviews hint toward 4 “aspects of the elements” drakes that didn’t follow the titans, are basically the incarnation of their element, are just as powerful as an aspect and were sealed by the dragonflights thanks to the power granted to them by the titans.

    They are very likely our main antagonists in 10.0. And probably responsible for the death of most titan watchers like stony boy, Tony, daza or whatever nickname you’re fond of. Which is why we’ll murder them all in a brutal fashion, probably around 10.3

  9. I might be the only one but it kinda looks like an octopus or a squid it’s an old god

  10. This made it into the game before Kul’Tiras. The actual file for the Cthulu temple has been in the game for a *very* long time

  11. They might still make a sort of an “easter egg” that has some connecting to the early development stages for Dragon Isles from vanilla.

    On a serious note though, I would still love if they use an Old Gods side plot (could be minor), just can’t imagine WoW without any of the void shenanigans at this point (guess I’m just into Lovecraft’s lore).

  12. karspearhollow

    This has always been what I saw in my head when I heard dragon isles.

    Such a cool piece of concept art, shrouded in mystery all these years.

  13. I think they wanted to do more stuff like that, but the community backlash after Vashj’ir made them reconsider.

  14. secretsauce007

    I just hope we get to see our boy Nemet Nesingwary on the Dragon Isles. I was really hoping to find something like him in Shadowlands, but alas.

  15. Not so sure they would use a soooo old concept art, but it could explain how Nozdormu gets corrupted

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