24 thoughts on “I liked meme I found once, so I decided to recreate it.”

  1. Fortnite players waiting for another crossover skin to be in tier 100 and secret skin so they can grind for hours for a skin they’ll use for 1 season

  2. Ashamed-Budget-4260

    Fortnite fans waiting for Fortnite to release another crossover skin so they can edit Star Wand and Sun Sprout onto it

  3. Fortnite players waiting for another crossover skin so they can say “can’t do this in any other game” for the millionth time

  4. I want to be honest – I did promise to a guy who did repost on this sub, and it was a looong time ago. I unfortunately didn’t found person who I promised this, but I did found original image that was used in their post: [https://ahseeit.com//king-include/uploads/2020/12/131339607_379459046489279_2641565786278135034_n-5989562177.jpg](https://ahseeit.com//king-include/uploads/2020/12/131339607_379459046489279_2641565786278135034_n-5989562177.jpg)

    I hope the guy gonna see this

  5. Fortnite players waiting for a new season to come out, to grind for the tier 100 collab they’ll complain about

  6. Mindless_Mention_777

    me who just loves playing as licensed characters since i dont have that much collab skins

  7. After_Construction_5

    Me waiting for another Batman skin but knowing Damn well there’s gonna be another 308 different Marvel skins before Batman day

  8. Petergriffinscrableg

    squad fill teammates waiting to get in a match so they can become the worst fucking players this game has ever seen

  9. Fortnite redditors when they are waiting for epic to do anything to make hundreds of posts about how bad the game is now, and to return to chapter 1.

  10. Insta users getting ready to comment ‘dead game’ on fortnites post and get 3000 likes

  11. Is it really a meme, though? Is it funny, or is it trying to karma whore off of a popular opinion within the hivemind, or send a message. Does it make you giggle at all?

    I’m not even going to call them memes. “meme” is a term used loosely here, as they exist to karma farm and nothing else.

    Look at r/memes for 2 hours straight. If you find a single meme funny, you either won the lottery, or you don’t have a functioning sense of humor.

  12. Me when I hear everyone complaining about the excess of marvel skins despite them not having appeared since Christmas

  13. It could be fucking Tak from the power of juju and people would still complain like they give a shit

  14. Fortnite players and “funny people” waiting for the next collab skin so they can say “it’s the guy from fortnite” every time they see that character (some of them think kids really say that btw)

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