12 thoughts on “…I named this one “HELPMEIMSTUCK””

  1. pears_are_cool

    Fun fact if you get into this situation again you can acctually slide up and then jump up the hils to increace the distance you can go up.

  2. I took my sweet time on the edge of the circle and wound up getting caught at the bottom of this hill with two other players left. One of them was on my level but ran through the drink to try and get to the top… just to get one shot lol

    I don’t really know how to work the replays or do any screen capture so I hope this looks ok 🙂

    I’ve been playing now for about a week and I’m having a blast!

  3. Oh yeah same situation happened to me in Daily Bugle. Was on the hill looking down at 2 guys fighting and slipped down to them. Managed to kill them but literally could not get back up because no webs were close enough and I couldn’t walk around since storm was at 10 DPS. Tried running around the sides anyway and of course ended up dying, so some random twat who did literally nothing won the match.
    Least to say, I was pissed.

  4. TheBroomSweeper

    There’s a trick you can do where you run up to the hill and then slide up it. Try that next time

  5. Pro tip if you combine sprinting followed by a slide you can get up those steep inclines just enough that you can then jump to the top

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