11 thoughts on “I proudly present to you the ALL_OF_THAT Shatter 2.0”

  1. this is gonna be so goddamn cool when you’ve got a three+ earthshatter kill

  2. OkUnderstanding1622

    You could pin those mf and then shatter that triggers me so hard. I like the idea of the charge cancel 180 shatter tho

  3. How do you do the charge cancel?

    Haven’t been playing OW for a while…

    This video was so good.

  4. I already played a very balls to the walls Reinhardt (don’t worry I still protect my team) so canceling charge is going to make it so much easier.

  5. so…you spent days hard-throwing as Rein just to get the most “meh” clip imaginable…nice.

  6. I saw some rein get up to the high ground with the charge. There is definitely something else there. Keep at it man

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