42 thoughts on “I rather spend my gold on better things like tipping the bus driver”

  1. And you could go broke when upgrading one weapon to legendary with how much it costs. I liked it when it was resources since C2S3 (until the gold bar change it did to the upgrading stations). Gold for no build, and materials for Build mode. Thats how i would want to see it

  2. The only thing I use my gold for is to fuel my gambling addiction at glitched vending machines.

  3. No matter what wins people will be mad haha. If Boogie Bombs win people will be furious because they become sitting ducks, especially in Zero Build mode since a player can now demolish you with a drum shotgun or smg while you just dance there. If Rift-to-go’s win (which they probably will cause they are ahead) people will complain about players bailing every single fight the moment they are losing.

  4. Ahmeda9a_PirateKing

    Me in the corner who rarely spend any and always make sure I have full bars at the end of all seasons.

    Pirate moment.

  5. salenstormwing

    I vote all the time at Vending machines for bullets and more bullets. Bullets and more bullets always wins. With the way I go through ammo, it’s the only way for me to stay stocked up.

  6. Pleasant_Fee516

    ok, if they made it so that if you throw rift to goes, they make rifts, then it would be SOMEWHAT useful

  7. Honestly how do we know that epic doesn’t rig the votes. There is no way to confirm that the votes matter and one side is to win no matter what.

  8. I vote when I need mini shields.

    I mean my votes won’t change. And I don’t care.

    Rather spend gold.on vending machines for double the milestone progression.

  9. I used to vote a lot when the max amount of gold you could have was 10k, it was a good way of emptying the bag

  10. Redditmasterofnone1

    You probably don’t vote in real life either then complain about who is in power.

    It is fine to not vote but remember you don’t get to bitch if you sit out.

  11. Voting is a waste of gold. I’d be more willing to vote if every vote had a chance to drop decent loot besides only minis. Like if it functioned similar to the broken vending machines I would actually vote

  12. I spend all my gold on malfunctioning vending machine. Soo I don’t vote, dang politics is in fortnite. What’s next, we vote on who’s the president of fortnite.

  13. TheCreeplightning

    I dumped 5k gold into the vote, kind stranger waited till I was done to shotgun me into another game

  14. Me too. What the kids want, is what will be voted in. Even if every single person on this sub spam voted for one item, our numbers pale in comparison to the rest of the fanbase. Its best to just accept whatever we get.

  15. The voting systems so stupid imo. You should either just vote once or not be able to can see the vote progress

  16. FeganFloop2006

    I know right! Why waste your gold when fresh’s peons will vote for whatever he says.

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