I thought 5v5 was going to kill Overwatch, after after actually playing 5v5, I actually like it

I played the beta yesterday and 5v5 ain’t so bad after all.

When I first heard about 5v5 last year, I thought 5v5 was going to suck and I remember bitching to all of my friends about how “5v5 is going to kill Overwatch” and that “Overwatch is supposed to be 6v6”. I remember throwing a fit that “OVERWATCH IS CHANGING TO 5V5!!!”.

But after playing 5v5 last night, I noticed tanking is a lot more fun than before (I’m especially loving the Orisa rework), less shooting at barriers/tanks, less ult farming/feeding off tanks and vice versa, the action is a lot more in your face rather than just shooting in random places, it’s easier to tell what’s happening and a lot less of the whole “What the fuck is going on?” sort of thing, playing DPS doesn’t revolve around hiding behind tanks/shields anymore, etc.

I know the developers were talking about how a lot of that stuff was why the game was changing to 5v5, but after actually trying 5v5 for myself, I see more why the developers decided to go the route of 5v5, as opposed to staying 6v6 or having anymore of the whole main tank/off-tank kind of stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like 6v6 and 2-2-2 is still classic to me (I started playing right after role queue became a thing), but the change to 5v5 and 1-2-2 itself isn’t actually a bad thing and is actually good in its own right and seems to address a lot of the problems 6v6 has. And actually playing 5v5 for myself has made me go from being closed off to the change to being welcoming to the change.

Has anyone else’s attitude towards 5v5 changed, once you actually played 5v5, versus when you first heard about it last year?

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3 thoughts on “I thought 5v5 was going to kill Overwatch, after after actually playing 5v5, I actually like it”

  1. ImportantSpecial

    That’s what happens when you go into something with a open mind, everyone shit on the idea of 5v5 without even trying it and it’s really not that bad

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