30 thoughts on “I wanted to see what the new scoreboard would look like with the hero portraits in the center.”

  1. One of the biggest things with the old scoreboard was how easy it was to be able to monitor character swaps on the enemy team. It’s such a headache now, I hope they go with something like this instead.

    Just trying to see Ult charges on teammates is such a hassle. The circle is sleek but I want the raw % back

  2. 100% Better.

    Personally I associate a player by their hero, not their user.

    Looking at the center first, left/right = hero -> Stats -> Player tag (usually useless)

    Separating all the text in half with the portraits also makes it way easier to not get confused

  3. yeah the new one was very confusing to me. For the first three games I played I thought the stats on the right belonged to the character on the far left, each collum looks like one long individual line of info the way it is now.

  4. I was about to say I didn’t like how the info is mirrored but that’s how it is on the official design… I just don’t like how the same info is in the different spot for the opposing team.

  5. The scoreboard in the beta looks like it’s trying to do two different things; H and DMG spread outwards inversely from the middle however E, A, and D follow a completely different format and read left to right on both sides of the card. This is a really confusing setup that makes the card clunky and a little harder to read at a quick glance.

    They need to pick one or the other and apply that to the whole card.

  6. i feel like its easier to read when they’re on the outside :/ maybe there should be a way to pick if its on the outside vs inside? or maybe a choice between new vs old ui?

  7. Yeah that, and making the ult buttons more glowy would make the scoreboard infinitely better. Well done on presenting a better alternative instead of just criticising as well.

  8. Looks better to me. I like the new tab menu, though it’s hardly to keep track pf hero swaps (as many mentioned). So if you would put the heroe pics in the middle it would be easy again _and_ you would have better information

  9. I really preffer the old one, current is just that the non-relevant information is in so small font, and the irrelevant stuff is presented in “the front”

  10. What bothers me is the stats start of mirrored, like the healing I in the middle, then they have it read left to right elims and all, its hard to read it right

  11. This entire setup sucks. It is fine to change the visuals to match the minimalistic style but I don’t need to fucking see the stats if everyone, including the enemies. It just will end up in more toxicity. I can’t even see the ults properly. I miss to look at everything and see with once glance what is happening. The overwatch 1 UI ist just 10000 times better.

  12. I definitely prefer the old scoreboard. I don’t care about how many elims my zen has or how much healing the enemy hog has done. I just want big player portraits and a big ult metre under my teammates.

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