3 thoughts on “I Was Able To Earn Noble Gardener On A Free Account”

  1. greyfoggydaynl

    Money is tight right now, and even a few dollars saved means a lot. So I had to hold off on my subscription, even though I wanted to come back to get the Noble Garden holiday completed.

    I was able to do most of them with ease, but some required a lot of travel. Others were challenging as well without being able to communicate with other players. Like most players, Shake Your Bunny Maker was the more taxing one to earn. Followed closely by Spring Fling. For the last race needed for Shake Your Bunny Maker, I had a hard time finding a… Tauren! Seems these days everyone rolls Highmountain instead, as they were/are everywhere.

    This holiday was a ton of fun, glad I was able to get it all done, even without a subscription. I was even able to save up enough eggs to buy the mounts, pets, and different costume items. All I have left to purchase is the hearthstone.

  2. I love posts like this, so good to see people creatively enjoying the game for what it is.

    Mate, if money is tight for you I’d be happy to shout you a copy of SL. We need more people like you in the game!

  3. Just to see if I could, back in the day I took my lvl 1 then bank Warlock through it to see if I could. Didn’t lock xp so by the time I was done she was lvl 5 but got it! Glad you were able to get it 🙂

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