42 thoughts on “I was today years old when I discovered that windows on roofs can be broken on their own”

  1. Excellent, this will improve my chances of surviving by 0.0002% (I need all the help I can get).


  2. Exoglitch_x_yt

    When the heck was this added? How did I not know this, I have been playing since freaking chapter 1!!

  3. Ok, I wanna describe how I found this, because it wasn’t completely random:

    As you can see, I’m in storm, and because of storm I wanted to find more heals. I clearly remembered that I wasn’t in that building, and I decided that fastest way to get in building would be by breaking roof. And that’s the moment when this happened. THis what was on my mind in this clip: “Aw man, nooo! Breaking this roof would take so much time, I wish we were able to break windows on them! Since that’s not a thing, I’ll break this roof by hitting window, in order to passively express my anger!”. These thoughts in my head were faster than you read it. And as you can see, “not a thing” turn out to be a thing. That was a small, but nice surprise, especially in this case.

  4. It’s so OP for landing at the yellow house at greasy and getting and getting the henchman chest before anyone else can

  5. Wait… this isn’t general knowledge?

    Everytime I drop Greasy I drop directly onto Guaco’s house and break the window to get into his attic.

  6. I’m surprised that so many people are surprised by this. I just thought it was common knowledge.


    it’s weird seeing how many people didn’t figure this out lol. i figured it out the first time i saw them

  8. takeitallback73

    My god the graphics are so much different on your non potato. I play at a resolution that looks like a rubics cube

  9. waiting_with_lou

    Ayyy it wasn’t just me doing the lantern trials! Emoticons are particularly divisive because they are often used to pad the battlepass as well as not being a great reward for a grind but I really liked these and I needed all of them. The art is just great, like the jones thumbs up one from CH2S6 looks like potato compared to this new one you are wearing. That and the wrap didn’t dissapoint as always and the lantern looks SO good on Hime and Terns(probably others too but I haven’t really combo’d it too much.

  10. I’ve known about this since day 1 of Chapter 3… yellow house at greasy grove was my go to spot. I’m surprised so many didn’t know about this

  11. It’s a bit of a stretch but it would be cool if all or most windows could be broken then be able to climb through them

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