Idea for Worldwide Daily Quest System

After watching the reveal for the new xpac, I couldn’t help be feel a little underwhelmed. I’m still looking forward to it (and classic Wrath more really), but as a “casual” player I didn’t see a lot of stuff that was aimed at me other than the talent system revamp.

I had an idea about how WoW could re-engage casual players like myself, and by extension our wallets. If anyone has played SWTOR or GW2, you might have a good idea about what I’m about to suggest. I’d love for them to implement some form of global daily quest system, where you’d actually have a reason to travel the entire World of Warcraft instead of just the same 4-5 zones every xpac, which gets boring very quickly.


Something like having to go to Stranglethorn Vale to burn some pirate ships, then going to old Nagrand to save some clefthoofs from traps, then Grizzly Hills to punch some werewolves, then Vashj’ir to find treasure or something. I’d love a reason to actually go back to these zones and start traveling the overworld again; nowadays when I go to these old zones I feel like I’m going back to the neighborhood I grew up in and get this feeling of sad nostalgia. These quests would ideally be tied to character gear and rep progression; maybe getting some sort of token or points from each quest in addition to change for a gear upgrade.


I know this would likely be a massive undertaking, but I think at the end of the day it would be a huge step in the right direction of attracting players that don’t necessarily want to push Mythic+ or grind to the top tier of PvP. What are yall’s thoughts on something like this?

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3 thoughts on “Idea for Worldwide Daily Quest System”

  1. AcherusArchmage

    Would like random events that pop up as world quests like Fates in ff14 but as a short world quest. you’re just over in goldshire casually RP’ing with draenei and dracthyr then a bunch of lv3 bandits come in and start attacking people or something

  2. If they give us portals to everywhere then sure, otherwise please no, the world is too big, it would just be a hassle.

    And only the talent system aimed at casual players ? I’d argue that dragonriding, customizations and UI redesign are also aimed at casuals

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