23 thoughts on “If only he survived until this expansion. Krasus would make the perfect “Khadgar” type character.”

  1. ThePrestigiousRide

    They should have let him and Rhonin alive instead of stupidly killing them off in a book lol. But yeah Korialstrasz is a little bit the “Khadgar” of the Dragons.

  2. marcopennekamp

    Don’t forget the four Rs of WoW storytelling: Retcon, Recycle, Reanimate, Alternate Reality!

  3. He and Rhonin had all the swagger and charisma Khadgar never had in the books. They couldn’t have them around to steal his thunder so they killed these two guys off and brought in Khadgar to fill the void because he was someone non-readers would be able to identify. They then aged him down a little making him all suave rather than just be “WoW’s Gandalf.”

  4. TeririHerscherOfCute

    What do you mean? Do you think blizzard honestly cares if he died in a book? They’ve already retconned all of the war of the ancients book, he could easily just show up out of nowhere and be like, “what twilight drake eggs? I was at the store buying milk for my queen, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

  5. i liked twilight of the aspects but damn krasus was one of my fav dragons since i read the war of the ancients trilogy years ago, so mad how they killed him. he was so cooooooool

  6. Nothing of Knaak must remain. Absolutely nothing. The only thing I’ve been willfully behind in the newest horrors of their story telling is that we are almost….ALLL MOST. Out of Knaak characters.

  7. I just realised he has all his fingers in this art and it bothers me more than it should.

  8. PlatonicTroglodyte

    The weird thing about his death is that Nozdormu apologized to him for all the pain he (Noz) would cause Krasus in the future (as Murozond, presumably), but then Krasus dies before Nozdormu becomes Murozond.

    Wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see that he somehow survived or gets resurrected, tbh.

  9. Stank_Weezul57

    Dead is kinda….iffy…in WoW. Like maybe he IS dead but that doesnt mean hes not gonna somehow magically show up because of a macguffin.

  10. The expansion after Dragonflight, Warlords of Azeroth, will have alternate Azeroth time travel and he’ll come back as the main protagonist who also gets mind controlled so he can be a raid boss too.

  11. Meh, we have a lot of characters already in this expansion that could serve that kind of role, one of whom was doing it before it was cool.

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