40 thoughts on “if you dont complete stage 1 you cant do the other phases”

  1. Yeah it states that in game and also on epics blog post about the challenges

    So people missing out on it isn’t epics fault in the slightest

  2. Oops, didnt know that aswell.. I mean, its totally my fault but i was planning to complete them after being back from vacation, cant get it then sadly

  3. McdonaldsBiggestFan

    Dang. Guess me slacking on fortnite is gonna make me miss a lot of free stuff.

  4. It literally said on the challenge complete before (x) time to unlock stage 2 challenge…

  5. I took my sweet time with stage 1 and didn’t play for almost a week. Logged on yesterday and saw it was timed and went *Shit*

    Got them done tho 😎

  6. It… literally says directly below the challenge how much time you have to complete them. Your fault if you miss out on em

  7. Wait I had to complete phase 1 by today? I was gonna do it. Maybe tomorrow or sometime we got access to the next one. So I can compete 1, then complete 2 and so forth. But tall are making it sound like I’ve lost access now.

  8. savageslayeryt

    Dang I thought the quests would expire then a new set would come..


    Eh. Doesn’t matter. The Pickaxe isn’t that good anyways.

  9. davidnickbowie

    I started Sunday and I have all the season quests and the covert quests done now . I’m working on the omi chips now.

    I was gonna skip this season but I’m up to level 70 now.

  10. pip_lup_pip934

    Oh dammit I missed it too I also didn’t realize this one expired so quickly. That’s my bad I should have done this challenge first I guess 🙁

    I love having so many different challenges to choose from to do, but Epic plz give us adults who work full time who usually can only play on weekends more time lol

  11. NicktheQuick2992

    I don’t like it being on the zero build mode so I skip it, screw the pickaxe I would probably never use

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