37 thoughts on “I’m bad at this game but this is just low”

  1. Fortnite might be divided with build vs. no build but glad we can all come together to say fuck people that team up in solo mode XD.

  2. davidnickbowie

    Dam i have a hard time getting people to team in squads and here y’all getting teamed on in solo

  3. No one will read this or care BUT one time I was playing duos with my nephew. Just having fun & out of no where he dies & says “wow they’re teaming” it was 3 teams teaming… luckily for me, I had an RPG & plenty of ammo so little by little I killed them all & won. They messaged me racist stuff, I reported. Got most of them banned from the game. Don’t team!

  4. This drum shotgun is anyways a pain tbh.
    A common drum shotgun can beat most other guns of any rarity.

  5. I mean if the quest is to take a bus to gas stations and someone got the drivers seat first and we all agree to go on a road trip I’m sorry if I hit some turret shots on the way there

  6. Yeeaaaah, I hate when this happens. It actually happened to me in a Duos match last night. I was playing with a friend and she got downed, so it was just me against the person who got her. Someone else rolled up and joined in on beating the shit out of me. So then I go down and we lost.

    At first I thought, “Damn, I though their teammate wasn’t around.” But then after they both reload and do the fucking Business Up Front emote, they start shooting at each other, and one dies immediately. I went from slightly disappointed to unreasonably angry in less than half of a second.

  7. MilkmanForever

    I’m even worse than you, that’s why I stay away from build modes 😛 I used to just not build in regular modes but now they have a mode for people like me

  8. You know that is legit one shot gun that i hate i would rather use my pickaxe than using this shotgun

  9. make sure u report them, if u missed the chance while in game go back in replay and report them

  10. Honest question: Is it teaming to be the gunner in the Battle Bus or a tank? Just about every game I see two people on the bus, but I don’t feel like it’s teaming.

  11. reddit-user-lol223

    One time I was just trying to get to a quest location when I came across like 4 ppl fighting, and I stg as soon as they saw me, even though I was clearly avoiding them, they decided it would be better to shoot me than each other :/ smh hate this shit lmao

  12. This happened to me the other day, I managed to kill one of them but the one who got me off spawn did take the L. No integrity.

  13. The most I’ll ever do it just let someone I find live, but I would never do something of this caliber, hopefully they get banned

  14. Redditmasterofnone1

    report them, epic is really good at banning the right people. This video clip alone will get them both banned.

  15. Star_King_Shinobi

    To actually team in solo, you have to be a clown with -1 hours of daylight.
    (Unless it is one of those rare noobs you find)

  16. Question, how can you tell the difference between teaming and a 3 way shootout with both other players focusing the 3rd person then each other?

  17. Mean-Lengthiness-923

    Im genuinely curious as to why you’re wearing that back bling with that skin considering there’s nothing matching

  18. Report them. Teaming is a violation of the rules in solo play, and even in duos, trios and squads if they’re not on the same side. What that person did is illegal and needs to be punished.

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