I’m beginning to notice a pattern that needs to stop

Who else remembers in chapter 1 & 2 where u would hit for 8 damage at mid – longe range with an SMG? now thats no longer the case starting this chapter. The stinger did 18 damage on launch from afar and very accurate, it got nerfed and now the combat released and the grey was more powerful than the gold. Now it got a 2dmg nerf and a headshot reduction. The machine pistol was the only SMG that was bad at range in c3 s1. SMGs should not be doing an AR’s Job.

So to combat this i suggest nerfing the combt fire rate from 12 -> 11.25. Stinger is fine rn

Thermal AR fire rate from 4 -> 5 and is now full auto

Ranger AR damage from 31/332/34/36/37 -> 34/35/36/38/40

Striker burst is now a 3 round burst and damage shadowbuff reverted (recoil increased)


TL;DR SMGs are getting better falloff damage and doing an AR’s job and it needs to stop

I miss the days when the only SMG that was a threat at range was the burst SMG

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7 thoughts on “I’m beginning to notice a pattern that needs to stop”

  1. VoiceFulSoap2160

    They perfected the concept of SMGs with the Tactical SMGs (current), Rapid Fire SMG and the Machine Pistol.

  2. The reason why this weapon meta currently is suffering is because they are trying to replace the perfect C1-C2 weapons with brand new ones, and setting them as the main ones of the chapter. Instead of having them as a sidegrade to choice, they are trying to outright replace them, which causes most of them to be under balanced or overpowered.

  3. The weapon/meta is just bad. The drum is op and the other shotguns are too weak to go against the strong smgs.

  4. To be fair, the Thermal AR is really good that it doesn’t need a nerf or buff. I personally run it every game I can find one. Has good stats and it’s way better than it was before. If in Zero Build, it’s an amazing weapon. If in Build Mode, I don’t think it’s good to pick it up. It all comes down to preference imo.

  5. Nah, we need to throw away the spray meta completely. Return the normal smgs as they are deadly if your opponent lets you in your box but weak if he has a lot of building skills. Thats the perfect balance, and not a grey weapon that can destroy a brick wall in 1 second.

  6. Epic should just give up and get the old loot back imho.

    Either broken or trash guns, no in between

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