I’m Just Disappointed

I just played an Overwatch 1 game after having played the beta all day and let me tell you… it was more fun than all of the beta games put together.

There is something about Overwatch 2 that just is so unfun. The graphics are more cartoony (maybe it is because I can’t run Ultra on 2 like I can on 1), the new maps are way too big and open, and the gameplay just seems so unsmooth. Not to mention how difficult it is to play anything but support because everyone wants to play Sojourn and Orisa. I really, really wanted to like Overwatch 2, and I understand it is just the beta, but I am just so disappointed that I don’t like it.

Is anyone else feeling the same way I am, or am I going crazy? It seems like everyone is loving the beta, and I just don’t get it.

Bonus question: Will future beta waves use the files of this current beta, or will I need to download the whole game again for the next wave? I am not sure if it is worth the SDD space to hold onto until whenever the next beta drops.

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8 thoughts on “I’m Just Disappointed”

  1. I can understand where you’re coming from, maybe the play style just isnt for you.

    The graphics also is something to get used to because with these new shadows on top of the constant fighting and sounds everything mixes up into what feels like sensory overload (at least in my opinion) still, I continue to try to understand and enjoy the game.

    It’ll definitely take time to get used to I would assume and maybe you’ll begin to enjoy it more once we see further development and as everything begins to get balanced because like you said people only want to play the reworks and new hero. This is the beta afterall, people are excited to see new content after so long of waiting.

    Also, I could be wrong but I would assume any further beta would just be an update to this beta

  2. For me personally OW 2 feels more dynamic, has more action, fast paced. It’s just way more fun to be honest. There’s something more cartoonish about the graphics but it doesn’t bother me at all, overall graphics are better. 5v5 is much better!
    Also some people have hard time giving up old habits. You played ow for years. May be after few months of ow 2 you will have different feelings. Or may be you just like ow 1 style better….it’s definitely quite different…

  3. The graphics are so similar to OW1 but slightly more elevated with regards to lighting and such, I don’t really understand this whole “cartoony” argument. OW has always been cartoony.

    Beta is beta and performance issues will be ironed out. It’s a technical beta, after all.

    It’s going to feel bad to play in the beta when people aren’t really trying to win so much as just experiencing what’s new and getting a feel for the changes. After it releases and everyone gets comfortable with all the new content and changes, it’ll feel a lot better.

    Just remember that the meta has changed, so a faster-paced, less safe game is just… how OW will be from now on. Maybe that’s what you don’t like?

  4. My biggest annoyance right now is that I have to sit in a 10 minute queue to play a chaotic ~8 minute match lol.

  5. darkfighter3000

    I don’t have an issue with the graphics but I found a lot of the ability animations ‘laggy’ like rein’s firestrike and roadhog’s hook. The game just felt very unresponsive in general. There is a delay when using certain voice lines which is not present in the live game.

    In contrast, the options were very responsive and fluid to navigate through. The scrolling is faster and smoother in general.

  6. > the new maps are way too big and open

    I mean, the purposely went back into the older maps and added more elements that could be used as cover.

  7. On the contrary; my 3 hours of OW2 beta have been the most fun 3 hours of Overwatch I’ve had in years. Honestly launch month, my first couple weeks I got into comp, Moira, Brig, Bap & Sigma releases & the first couple weeks of Role Queue are the only other times that even compare to how much fun I’ve had with the beta.

  8. 6v6 is just more complex strategically and tactically.
    Shields and CC are fun.
    5v5 is boring and its action is over quickly.

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