29 thoughts on “I’m noticing a common response to the new race in terms of feedback…”

  1. Looking at some of these comments… Boy do I realize today that being literate with the vast range of modern internet fetishes is not actually common lol

  2. Love the people who are like: “Skinny dragon is furry bait” ; My dude if you think the bulky one isnt I have bad news for you

  3. New-Record6107

    What I don’t understand is why people are stuck on this “either/or”mentality with the body types. Blizzard can include both body options to appease everyone. They have a whole year at least to do it.

  4. I think some people are just weird. It’s like how they scream furries at Vulpera and Worgen, yet the beefy (pun intended) Taurens, are for some reason, perfectly great.

    I think some people’s tolerance, are related to whatever or not, they can fall asleep in the arms of their non-human/elf bakas, and feel safe.

  5. one of the artists who worked on them legitimately also draws furrys. they posted both on their twitter.

  6. Character aesthetics do not always have a sexual component. Sometimes it just doesn’t look good or it doesn’t make much sense. Just saying.

    In the same vein, liking non-human characters also doesn’t make one a furry. Also just saying.

  7. Yeah, I like the big bulky one more, but man is it eyerolling seeing people do the DEVIANART FURRY thing. Again. They did it with Worgen, they did it with Pandaren, they did it with Vulpera. Get a new joke please, jesus

  8. Idc if its a twig or swole, i want it to have armour, the fact that it cant wear armour is bs

  9. I am glad my boyfriend and I were not the only ones to notice that.

    A lot of certain twitter accounts love Bara dragon dudes.

  10. to be perfectly honest im excited for it because it looks… cool

    A truly alien concept to most redditors

  11. People keep praising the bottom one but it looks more like furry/scalie bait that the real one

  12. Correct. People want a dragon toon that will drive them into the couch not one that wants to he duhh.

    To be completely honest I just wanted to be a dragon warrior. Always been my thing. So maybe by the end of the Xpac through our time working with them and them us the Dracthyr will be able to use other classes?

    Prob hoping for too much lol gonna play it anyway.

  13. Honestly I’m just happy they didn’t seem to slap boobs on the females. Boobs on lizardoids irks me so much lol.

  14. Gimme buff daddy dragons. But no one tell the dragons fucking cars community or else we’ll have a real issue on our hands

  15. My favourite races are always the beast ones. I just prefer fantasy settings including races that aren’t humanish. Thta being said all these memes are making me wonder if I’m just a closeted furry

  16. I personally wanted Ogres and Sethrak.

    I guess if you squint hard enough this is a Sethrak.

  17. I think the problem is that they slap boobs on a literal lizard. Already annoys me with the Tauren but its super pointless since these animal don’t have boobs there but of course the female model has to have some so it looks kinda weird.

  18. That fan edit is so bad…

    On one hand we want more interesting visuals, but on the other the playerbase always has a knee-jerk reaction to anything that’s not swole with abs. 🙄

  19. I’ve just accepted that WoW belongs to the furries now. Y’all can argue about if lizards should have tits or whatever without me.

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