49 thoughts on “Impersonating Storm Troopers is my new fun during this event”

  1. dinithepinini

    How do you get that glow around you when teammates are firing or there’s an enemy? Feel like this would really help my dad out!

  2. davidiusligman

    Lol, I got scared shitless just like that once on the first day of this event

  3. Miniwheats420

    Lol how does this work it’s so obvious! There is only ever too and they have a hugeeeee icon over them

  4. Rogerthrottleup

    Brilliant, now i want a Trooper skin, just got the Boba Fett bundle today.

  5. This is why I don’t understand people saying lightsabers as a pickaxe wouldn’t work since they are weapons in game.

  6. The fact that you Rick Rolled them before ending their life and confusion was just priceless. Truly one with the darkside, you are

  7. Jeeesus just woke up after calling sick this morning , no idea this would blow up 0_0

  8. ![gif](emote|squating_emo_pack|squating_200iq)![gif](emote|squating_emo_pack|squating_sip)

  9. Seriously. I keep seeing those printers to players and items, why isn’t this option on xbox? Or is it a cheat?

  10. Kinda dick, certainly savage and honestly I figured someone would be doing it. Whatever makes it fun for you 😉

  11. It’s easy to distinguish an NPC from an actual player, but it is still a douche thing to do. Downvote away because I know this sub will.

  12. Beautiful-Feature311

    How do you get that dome shield hit effect around the enemy when you shoot at them? Is it new or did I just never know it existed

  13. Did you do this in squads right outside of Shifty? I ran into a whole squad doing this. Only thing that gave it up was someone moving there foot

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