42 thoughts on “IOS players rejoice”

  1. Wabi-Sabibitch

    iOS players can now play for free without a sub , the way it’s supposed to be

  2. It still identifies as playing on Console though, so the matchmaking is ROUGH

  3. It’s still horrendous. It’s not the same as having the game on your iPhone

  4. So are IOs players moving from Chapter 2 Season 3? They missed a whole Chapter!

  5. Apple was literally just punishing Epic for breaking the rules. All Epic had to do was listen to Apple and Googles rules in the first place, but because of Epics decision, we now can’t play the current version natively on iOS. Why do people think this was all Apples fault? And also the native Fortnite iOS version runs and plays 100 times better than any streaming service, it’s not even comparable.

  6. StinkySlinky1218

    Are people ignoring the fact that geforce now has done this for quite a while?

  7. Redditmasterofnone1

    The lesson to be learned form this is apple products are absolute overpriced locked down garbage. This kind of stuff is not going to stop happening.

  8. Anyone actually tried it? How is the performance?
    Is there cross platform progress when my main acc is on playstation?

  9. This also appears to work on Mac OS. I just need to get a gamepad handy the next time I try it out.

  10. BroodTeacher174

    Me and my friend got it to work at school on one of the school issued ipads. It was epic

  11. The Xbox cloud gaming is really good and very helpful! The controls are just really wacky for me atleast, it’s hard to move in the direction you want to move in and it’s also very hard to aim. Sometimes I fire without even meaning to.

  12. AntiSaintArdRi

    Bring and pair your controller, the touch play mode is so glitchy is hilarious

  13. Ive been playing on my iPad for over a year through ps4/5, how is this different/ or better? Is it worth lookin into?

  14. FeganFloop2006

    I wouldn’t be surprised if xbox and epic only did this because fortnite was banned on ios

  15. TheLoneWolf99

    I tried it on my PC yesterday. Immediately got two exclusive Xbox styles for Master Chief and Marcus Fenix <3

  16. Xbox cloud gaming is God sent! I been waiting for fortnite to be added for the longest time. Used to play pubg on there.

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