Is 400 DPI Good For FPS?

Is 400 DPI good for FPS? 400 DPI is the best DPI for good aiming and with some other tips, it can help you aim better in FPS games including Overmatch.

Is 400 DPI Good For FPS?
Is 400 DPI Good For FPS?

Is 400 DPI good for gaming?

For games on older engines or with a lower resolution, lower is better, i.e. Perfect for CSGO is around 400-800. With higher resolution and newer engines, higher resolution is better for avoiding pixel skipping. But the native dpi of the mouse is also involved. For games like Overmatch, 2000-4000dpi are usually best.

Why do FPS professionals use 400 DPI? What is a good DPI for FPS?

The best DPI is between 400 and 800 in most FPS shooters. Unfortunately, it is impossible to quantify the number of ETs as it is primarily a matter of personal preference.

Is it bad to play at 400 DPI?

400 DPI is the best DPI for good aiming, and with a few other tips, it can help you aim better in FPS games, including Overmatch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the followings questions as follows:

Why do pro gamers use 400 dpi? Why is low sensitivity better? What PPE do FPS pros use?

Most professional first-person shooters buy a large mouse pad and set the mouse’s DPI between 800 and 1200, as a lower DPI ensures accuracy. The “perfect” DPI setting will have more to do with the type of game you are playing, the resolution of your monitor, and your style of play.

Is 1200 DPI good for FPS?

All in all, a higher DPI can be useful for some FPS games, but not always. Hope it helps! The 1200 DPI mouse will move the cursor 1.5 times faster. However, if you reduce the cursor speed settings, it will be more accurate than an 800 DPI mouse moving the cursor at the same speed.

Why “Low DPI” is the best for shooters? Is a high DPI better for FPS?

When it comes to FPS games, your character will spin slower at low DPI and faster at high DPI.  The high DPI resolution is great for character movement, but the extremely sensitive cursor makes precise aiming difficult.

Final Thoughts:

If you take CS GO, for example, most gamers maintain sensitivity between 450 and 900 dpi. Anything above 900 dpi is difficult to control. Currently, a common mouse like DELL and Logitech G100 has a resolution of 1000 dpi and is considerably cheaper than gaming mice.

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