Is anyone else scared of playing solos?

I play fortnite exclusively with friends on trios or squads and the few times I have tried solos I have been filled with anxiety. I don’t know why it happens but I just find it really scary. I have over 1500 hours on the game and yet I only have 1 solo win. Am I a loser for not having more wins or being scared?

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  1. SolidStone1993

    On the contrary I prefer solos over playing with a team. If I fuck up it’s on me and usually I’m only ever facing one opponent at a time so it’s not that bad.

    Duos, trios and squads give me anxiety that either myself or my teammate(s) will go down and the survivor(s) will be outnumbered.

  2. TheBroomSweeper

    I used to be like you. If you play one mode a lot of times, you’ll get anxious about playing other modes. It’s a natural feeling. I recommend just trying your best at solos

  3. Honestly, I’m not a fan of solo battle royales for the same reason. But then again, I have issues with anxiety in general. My anxiety builds the farther i get in the match.

    I really only like playing fortnite with friends. I’ll play COD or another FPS if I’m solo.

  4. keep_it_0ptional

    I just installed after no build and I’ve only ever played solos lol I’m an adult/parent/full time worker so I’m afraid to play squads Bc of who the stereotypical team mates are lol

    Edit I think I got like 5 wins at least in less than two weeks I’ve had the game

  5. Maybe like it kind of reflects real life? Scared to go at things alone because of previous failure etc. Or maybe it’s just because of how I feel as well.
    I am kind of the same way. My friend and I i’ve been playing mostly every day for the past four years in Duos. Together we win a lot and I usually get anywhere between 10 and 20 kills per match. She on the other hand only gets a couple of kills if that. But is always right there next to me. I feel very confident and my skills reflect that.
    When I play Solos I feel like I’m lost and it’s very rare that I get more than three or four kills and pretty much never win. So every time I go Solos I have a bit of anxiety due to The odds indicating I’m going to not do well at all

  6. No, you’re not. It’s the hardest mode. I just get bored playing it, I’d rather play with a friend.

  7. I play solos for dailies/seasonal quests first, wins second. Any kills or wins I get along the way are just an added bonus.

    Otherwise yea, I’d be scared, too. I prefer playing with my fiance.

  8. I’m the same way. I only got into gaming two months ago so I’ve only ever played with friends and if I play solo it’s with my fiancé watching so he can help. I’m scared to do solos because I feel like I don’t have any help which I know that I’ll have to do eventually but it is very scary for me especially since I’m so new to gaming

  9. I personally don’t like playing solos cus it’s just a lil lonely but if you’re like getting scared, I think it’s deeper than you think. I think it’s a fear of being alone and just the awkward lonly silence and if you die, it’s just a bunch of loud noises and your frustration. Maybe play duo fills or squad fills. Nothing wrong with that too. Many people struggled to get into league of legends because of the no voice chat. Made some people feel alone

  10. Zealousideal_Egg9458

    I totally get what you are feeling, solo and team play are different experiences. For solo you do everything yourself but the battles are more straightforward whereas team battles can be more complex but you tend to fall into roles. My preferred role is support so I tend to try to keep teammates alive and respond to their actions. Without teammates I find it more hectic because the attention is all on me and no one to help with mistakes. In short you are probably set up mentality for support play which makes things more difficult when solo. When I do solo matches I break the game down into mini objectives with each objective giving me something to practice with such as landing at my spot and getting some core weapons, next stage getting out of the way/3rd party initial fights around me etc. If I survive my town I’m pretty good at rotation and then it falls apart for me again in end game. So many second places so can’t help with the final battles as they still make me nervous to the point I lose. Find out which of the objectives you struggle with and make that the focus of each match rather than thinking of a 20 bomb win. E.g. Just to get out of the town you land in with a load out. After a while you will have a sort of routine you like to follow and consistency will really help with success and confidence. Good luck

  11. “First off, never call yourself a loser,” especially over a game.

    I admire your courage in making this post. It takes a lot of ovaries to express vulnerability like you did, even in an anonymous online forum.

    We’re often scared by the unknown. You’re not scared playing with your friends likely due to the fact that you’ve so much experience playing the game like that. Generally, the more time we put into an activity, the better we become at it. The activity becomes familiar. As we grow accustomed to it, our fear of it diminishes.

    I only started playing FORTNITE myself two years ago today, upon the release of the Travis Scott skin and concert. I’d not heard of the game or the artist before that and it was something to do during the pandemic lockdown. FORTNITE was my first time playing a first-person shooter since the release of the original DOOM on PC and I’d not played anything like it in well over a decade.

    Fast forward to now, and I routinely work my way up to (at least) 10 wins in each mode, starting with squads and ending with solos. I had 15 victory crowns last season and I have 7 (so far) this season.

    One of the things I appreciate about playing solos is that it literally takes only one kill to win the game (and sometimes not even that if the other remaining player dies in the storm or from fall damage). And with skill-based matchmaking, it’s likely to be going up against folks at the same level. If playing Fill in non-solo modes, one’s teammates may disconnect while opponents’ teammates may be friends with microphones. But playing solo evens the playing field.

    Regardless of which mode you’re playing or how many wins you’re getting, I hope you examine why you’re playing FORTNITE in the first place. If you’re staying true to your motivations and at least one of those goals is having fun, that’s your true metric for winning.

  12. First off, **never** call yourself a loser. Playing solos can always feel like a scary experience, that’s to be expected with every game going in cause you don’t know what will transpire. I’ve played since Ch1 S2 and I still get anxious from time to time. Understand your in control more then you realize.

  13. Sbmm in solos is just insanely too strict & sweaty period. It should be way more casual in pubs

  14. Winter_Woodpecker_58

    I don’t blame you! Fortnite is one of those games that spikes my anxiety as well. I never played a solo game until my friend taught me how to build (prior to No-build being added as a permanent feature) and I felt confident enough to actually try it out. I had to sike myself into It of course!
    I play on the switch and use cross-play while with friends, (I’m the only switch player in my party) so my fear was mainly skill based in a way, which I now know I don’t have to worry about but I still don’t play solos often.

    There is no other game that gets my heart going like Fortnite does, that’s for sure!

  15. Sharp-Expression9135

    Play the game the way you like. You’re not a loser because you don’t want to play a particular game mode. If you do want to break the fear, though, land in some busy places. Get killed a few times, and you’ll see it isn’t that bad. If you don’t want solos though, don’t play it.

  16. My recommendation for you is to carve out some time and play a series of matches where you hot drop – blimps, towns, etc. Don’t worry about how you do. After a while it becomes evident: there is nothing to worry about. If you die, it doesn’t hurt, and you can be in another match in 60 seconds. Particularly if you play no builds, you just need a gun and a couple of clips and you’re back in business.

    Once you teach yourself through quick repetition that “failure” is inconsequential, you’ll likely loosen up. Not only will you have more fun, but your more relaxed state of mind will lead to better play. Pretty soon you’ll be winning matches!

  17. Solos are pretty intense for me, squads seem more fun. I used to play PUBG solos and my heart rate would spike.

  18. No the only mode I play is solo when I’m by myself unless I’m with friends, me and my friends tend to get third partied in duo-trios so I tend to stay away from it when I’m by myself

  19. Effective-Interest28

    I used to be like that, for the last few seasons of Chapter 1 and first couple seasons of Chapter 2 I rarely played anything but 50v50 or Team Rumble and got very anxious playing Solos. Towards the end of Season 2 in Chapter 2 I made a conscious decision to get better at Solos and over time I have come to the point that I love Solos and it’s almost all I play now. I had only 5 Solo wins when I quit playing Team Rumble and now have 199 Solo wins, going for #200 this weekend!

  20. Lateralization

    I can understand, I kinda get like that too. I prefer duos or trios like you said. You feel more secure with a partner, nothing wrong with that!

  21. I play solos almost exclusively. I won’t say it’s “harder” per se but solo is definitely a different game than duos/trios/squads. It’s probably more a matter of finding a survival strategy for solos.

  22. I don’t always have my friends to play so it’s the opposite for me, hard to do well in duos/trios/squads cause I’m so used to playing on my own

  23. I get major anxiety as soon as I see that I’m top 15 or so. My heart starts pounding in my chest.

  24. I almost exclusively play solos. When I first started playing this game, it was months before I got my first win. Earlier today I got 4 wins in a row. And even then, I don’t consider myself to be that good.

  25. when it gets down to top 5 in a solo my hands sweat every time, never happens in duos/squads so i understand the feeling, but for me its only very endgame (if i make it that far)

  26. you’re fine. why are you judging yourself? solo is a bit lonely. you probably like playing in teams. that’s normal.

    Actually that reminds me. I don’t understand people who play squads but land on their own and you might not seem the whole battle until the end.

  27. I used to almost exclusively play solos, and then in CH2S6 i went through a *very* rough spot irl and in game I absolutely *sucked* during that season

    Ever since then, i get mad stressed in solos when im not doing challenges. Duos etc i have my normal skill level and lack of stress, however, as those were the only times i had fun back in season 6

    I think it’s a combination of not wanting to remember anything relating to my mental state back then, as well as wanting to be good at solos again (like before season 6), so every match feels like i need to “prove” myself or something stupid like that

  28. I personally don’t play solos because whenever you’re just kinda running around and it’s just too quiet and nothing is happening

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