Is anyone going to talk about the MANY NEW voicelines??


OMfG, I am LOVING the alpha and beta for this!! What originally drew me to Overwatch were all the very different heroes and voices and just getting new voice lines to buy, interaction voice lines between characters, or the banter or lines in the middle of combat was so damn good.
I was watching a couple of Flats vids and OMG Cassidy said TWO NEW LINES RIGHT OFF THE BACK IN THE TRAINING ROOM!!!! I am so fucking happy they’re expanding on and giving everyone new lines!! I love the VAs and their performances and it’s gonna make OW2 feel even newer I can’t wait for the full release!


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25 thoughts on “Is anyone going to talk about the MANY NEW voicelines??”

  1. There is a really sweet one in spawn where Orisa tells Sojourn that she was Efi’s favorite in the Overwatch cartoon, Sojourn deflects that she hated that show because it made her look like a hero, and Orisa insists that with how she inspired Efi, she really was a hero.

  2. Someone posted screens of dialogue between Junkrat and Baptiste where Rat mentions he has a therapist. And I could not be prouder of him. 🥺

  3. Mercy sounds… really weird now. Kind of jarring to hear the new stuff with the old. Feels like a completely different character. She sounds like 20 years younger lmao

  4. DVa: “How could you experiment on all those cute little rabbits?”

    Moira: “Easily.”

    Also i just love all the respawn lines, kill quotes etc…
    Doomfist sounds even more malevolent than ever, Moira alot more cold… It really speaks to the tone OW2 is going for.

  5. Sombra has some sick new lines for hacking and respawning, plus all the others ive heard from teammates

    really gotta remember how much work this all took, and the beta probably isn’t even everything they did so far

  6. My favourite so far is Ana and Moira.

    Something along the lines of:

    M: “Do the many you’ve killed outnumber the ones you’ve saved?”

    A: “I don’t mind killing monsters, but go on, push me.”

  7. And everytime I die as Soldier and respawn, he will refer to locations he has been in, like Bonds for example. That is implying that he went on many missions in other places.

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