Is Bastion Really weak or is it just me?

I feel that bastion might need some changes.
Personally I feel that:

His primary is way too slow and no spread feels weirder than having spread.

His Grenade feels strong but the cooldown is too long, maybe reducing the damage as well as the cooldown?

His survivability feels awful since he can’t self heal anymore, maybe reintroducing damage resistance in his turret and artillery forms?

Overall, he feels way too reliant on his skills which have extremely long cooldowns, which I feel can be addressed by making his primary fire more similar to his original primary, as well as by slightly reducing his grenade’s cooldown (and damage).

Do yall feel the same or do yall have a different idea on how he should be changed?

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10 thoughts on “Is Bastion Really weak or is it just me?”

  1. Well, they’re certainly not going to make him VIABLE!

    I don’t think any hero is more universally hated. Even Brig.

  2. Sentry mode was his entire kit and now they made it so much worse, the timer should be longer.

  3. This makes me sad. I was really hoping the rework would make Bastion more enjoyable to play as and against.

  4. Redditisforposers

    I don’t have a beta key, but watching gameplay on twitch it looks like he is pretty easy pickins for anyone with even an ounce of aim. His big blocky hit box looks so juicy for a rail gun shot. He looks very vulnerable.

  5. New Bastion is absolutely cracked, his Grenade combined with the ability to go mobile sentry turret makes him one of the fastest time to kills in game.

  6. My only issue with him is survivability. He has high DPS and it feels good but 300 hp and enormous hitbox makes any other dps out-duel him in most cases.

  7. He’s not weak, but he’s not meta either. Healthy place for him to be probably. He is certainly better than on live.

  8. He feels pretty weak in my opinion, but I’m not sure lowering the cooldown for his self heal would be the best idea. In my opinion, he should just have his ironclad passive, or a weaker version of it, while in his turret form to allow for more aggressive plays. I can agree that his primary feels slow, but having no spread is pretty nice too.

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