Is it me or is the UI a step backwards in OW2?


Its harder to tell when you kill someone than in OW1, its harder to tell what they died from in the killfeed, if its a headshot its barely visible in the killfeed etc. Idk if I’m just nit-picking or if anyone else feels the same?


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27 thoughts on “Is it me or is the UI a step backwards in OW2?”

  1. I agree, I don’t need all the info there are in the tab menu while I’m in game.Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for stats but I find it hard to see if my allies have ults/are alive or how good/bad I am during the game.

    Keep the stats for the end (after POTG) or between rounds, that’s where I’m curious about how my team did overall.

  2. I understand it’s a beta but it feels more like an alpha. And it’s surprising that the quality is that low for a second opus. The readability is really bad at the moment, and there is a lack of tension during the games that I can’t really grasp why I’m feeling this

  3. I think artistically it’s a step backwards but there’s actually more feedback than before. They’ve even added sounds when teammates die or get kills. Not being able to notice exactly what’s happening is most likely just because it’s not what you’ve been using the last 5 years. There’s going to be a an adjustment period.

  4. I have a feeling that almost everything you see that’s not the gameplay (and even some of the gameplay) is temporary and will be changed.

  5. I have heard mixed reviews. I wouldn’t say it is really a step forward or backward so much as it is just “different”. I still think it looks fairly clean, and I don’t have a problem with it really. Also important to remember, its a beta, so with our feedback it could still change.

  6. Perhaps it’s just that it’s new and we aren’t used to it but I’m not that impressed with the menu system and design. It doesn’t feel as polished and user friendly as OW1

  7. Same. The new UI feels like a work in progress. I’d be disappointed if this is the final design. It’s just bland, too basic and not interesting.

  8. From what I’ve seen, the new UI has a lot of good ideas but poor implementation, I hope in the final build blizzard moves more stuff towards the center of the screen for ease of access to the information you need to see. Artistically I think it’s just a little crude and unrefined, and I think that they could definitely make it look and feel better.

    Summarily, the ideas are there but the execution needs work imo

  9. I can’t tell when I am taking damage, what HP I on without looking, when I am getting healed.

    In Overwatch 1 it just feels natural and I never have to stare at the health bar to find out.

  10. it took some getting used to, but overall I don’t mind the new UI during a match

    The biggest step back to me is the hero gallery UI. It’s so much worse than the original that I don’t think they should’ve bothered changing it in the first place. It’s a huge downgrade imo, it looks super clunky

  11. I mostly just don’t like how bright and saturated the colors are in OW2. I always liked how OW went with a neutral color palette. The new colors are sort of eye-bleed and distracting, like the harsh oranges.

  12. it’s not nit-picking, that’s a pretty big thing to not have. although overwatch 1 beta had a significantly different ui and didnt even have a kill feed i believe so these things can change in the final release.

  13. The tab stats menu looks hard to read, especially when you compare elims to deaths on both teams. Half the stats are mirrored except those when comparing to the red team.

  14. This is absolutely a personal taste thing, but I’ll say right now from an aesthetic standpoint, the more minimalist look to the UI elements zap a lot of the color and character out of the game for me. Feels too generic.

  15. Most things seem a bit of a step back. Including graphics, which are mostly the same but the bits that have changed seem a bit of a downgrade on one. I’m not sure what they’ve been doing all these years.

  16. I haven’t watched much but from what I’ve seen, I don’t like it. I’m biased since I don’t like change but it just annoys and I do think it’s a step backwards. The UI in overwatch 1 just looks so much nicer.

  17. Also, I don’t think this is nit-picky being it’s important for us to know when a kill has been confirmed, so we can quickly move on to the next enemy or retreat for healing. Clearer UI and sound effects determines how we play, and if we play more accurately, that gives Blizzard better data and feedback.

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