Is it possible to make Gold without Shadowlands to buy token?


Whats the best method of farming gold without the newest expansion? I want to buy shadowlands with tokens but i dont know how to farm gold . Some tips? Methods?


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6 thoughts on “Is it possible to make Gold without Shadowlands to buy token?”

  1. Yes it’s very much possible but it’s going to take a mix of time and knowledge.

    If you lack knowledge it’ll take long, if you know your way around the game and what’s worth anything it’s not going to take long at all.

    There’s plenty of ways to make gold at pre-shadowlands levels. Easy and popular ones are stuff like crafted mounts and transmog. Contrary to popular belief, stuff like the mounts sell really well. Then there’s glyphs which are almost entirely pre-Shadowlands and still sell really well, and some of the best ways of getting inks are pre-shadowlands methods as well.

    Then there’s just straight up buying stuff off the AH to sell it at a higher price. Depending on what you’re buying and selling it might be extremely time consuming however.

    There’s always old, rare things people want like pets or transmog etc. and you could even level up alt DKs just to go through the quest chain to get Crimson Deathcharger and the other goodies that come with it and sell those.

    You can still make a lot of gold with a lot of pre-Shadowlands stuff and it’s not really all that difficult either.

    If you have many alts, you can just make them all Alchemists and Engineers, level those professions up to a point where you can make the daily cooldowns for transmuting Pyrium or Living Steel for Alchemy and Sky Golem parts for Engineer and then just do those every day on all your alts and you’ll get decent gold just selling the materials. Or use the materials yourself for stuff like Vial of the Sands or Jewelcrafting panthers.

    If you set your mind to it and do your research, you can get your Shadowlands bought in less than two months starting from scratch. Faster if you’re a quick learner.

  2. Theres no surefire “go-to trick” that anyone can tell you without going into exhaustive detail. Check your own server’s AH for lower level tradeskill mats, find what sells the best, and get to farming.

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