Is it time to quit solos as a casual player?

I don’t know what type of player Fortnite thinks I am, but the SBMM system has been putting me in lobbies with Twitch streamers whose full-time job is playing Fortnite, but that’s not my job and I can’t dedicate many hours everyday to get better at the game. I was hoping I could be in easier lobbies this season since I only had 12 crown wins last season, and guess what? I only won once out of over 200 matches this season by pure luck and have yet to get a crown win. What is up with SBMM? Am I supposed to quit playing BR and just watch streamers?

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8 thoughts on “Is it time to quit solos as a casual player?”

  1. throwawaydan2020

    Lol I was playing 6 am this morning. I got zapped instantly by some dude with Sloan’s burst. I spectated and dude was a ttv with 525 crown wins. Next game, I die to Sloan’s burst, dude had 300 crown wins…wtf is goin on

  2. Probably a lot of players on your level switched to zero build.

    I havent even played a build mode yet lol aside from rumble

  3. This happens to me as well in all modes except maybe squads

    I think I’m a decent player. I’m probably above average but I’m not Ninja or something

    Yet every game i play has people with absurd accuracy or building speeds

    It kind of makes me wonder what the point of SBMM is if it doesn’t even work right

    SBMM is a huge mistake in casual centric games though like call of duty has been demonstrating

  4. You can play squads so you have backup (mute any toxic players to run into) or play Team Rumble, it is gun and not as stressful since you just respawn (plus people aren’t as toxic in that mode)

  5. Califlower_Cheese

    What time and region? If you are playing at off peak hours on a region like west this is unfortunately inevitable

  6. Upvoted. Casual player here who returned recently, and had fun for a few days and now want to quit again.

    Every fucking game I get clapped by the first person I come across, who has played since season 1 with 5000+ matches and better win/KD ratios than me by far.

    I’m definitely an okay player, but please Epic, I am not in even the same UNIVERSE as Ninja (who I ended up with in a game recently)

  7. I think they redid the matchmaking algorithm. I’m a slow and bad builder and today I was fighting against other slow and bad builders. People on my team in squads are slow and bad too. Maybe just play squads, tag along with the best player, don’t build too much and maybe you will get into lobbies like I’ve been getting into.

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