Is it too late to start ?

As someone that used to play a lot of CSGO, I’ve never really played any Hero Shooters before. I was always intrigued by the interesting characters and find the art very appealing.

Is it too late to join the party? Or is the player base still active ?

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8 thoughts on “Is it too late to start ?”

  1. Not too late! I’ve never had any experience playing FPS’s, and I recently returned to OW after a year long hiatus. I’m having a good time, I’m not too stressed over relearning how to play the game.

    The player base is still pretty active, but you’ll have no issues fitting in. You’ll probably get a good understanding of the maps, hero abilities and counters, and game sense in general within a week.

  2. Now would be the best time to join given the game is going to get a huge overhaul. There will be a lot of players that need to learn how the new game plays.

  3. Guardians_Warcry

    Have many people left the game? Yes.

    Have many people stayed? Yes. My friends andI have been playing since near the beginning and we still have a blast.

    Ignore negativity on this game / many people still here and many new players joining (such as yourself)

    Additionally, Overwatch 2’s PvP beta starts this week so people are excited again and may see a resurgence

  4. I don’t think it’s too late! I only started playing after thanksgiving and and it was my first shooter game. I have a blast playing, and it’s quickly become my favorite game. Apparently it’s a lot different than it was when it was more popular, but I still find it fun and it’s still pretty active.

  5. Aggressive_Yam4205

    With overwatch 2 around the corner now even more people will be returning to the game so no it’s not too late

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