Is metal/brick just categorically better than wood?

Sturdier materials have higher base health and max health. All the materials regen hp at the same rate.

The only thing special about wood is that it reaches max hp first. But there’s not anything special that happens then right? Metal walls build immediately with almost as much starting hp as a fully build wood wall, and by the time that wood wall is fully build your metal wall will have way more hp and will continue to grow

I don’t actually know, but I assume metal and bricks don’t burn. Metal and bricks also block sight better than wood

So then, is the only good thing about wood its availability? If I have enough metal I should use metal right? Just categorically superior to wood. Or am I missing something? Everyone always seems to just use wood

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4 thoughts on “Is metal/brick just categorically better than wood?”

  1. I feel like brick trumps all, it’s easier to obtain, it’s absolutely everywhere (which is the only upside of wood) and it has higher health. Although I rarely see wood buildings get fully destroyed normally, brick still beats wood in my opinion.

  2. You should use wood only while build fighting and metal/brick if you are building a box to hide in during the end game. If you are boxfighting someone obviously use wood too

  3. Wood is gonna be your burner material, use it traverse and quick build. Build fights I use Brick, it’s sturdier randoms doesn’t burn spread like wood. Metal is for basing up or for foundations to large builds. Honestly none of it matters it’s all preference.

  4. AlphaTeamPlays

    Wood has the most health the moment it’s placed, meaning if you’re getting sprayed at, it’ll waste less of it. Also, it’s the most abundant on the map, so people use it in fights to save their “hard mats” (brick and metal) for tunneling in the endgame and building bases in zone.

    That’s for competitive at least. In pubs it doesn’t really matter

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