Is soloing old raids still a thing?

I’m coming back to wow, and if I recall correctly there were issues with legacy raids being balanced for soloing. Is this fixed, if it was ever a huge issue? Or are there some raids that simply can’t be soloed still?

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  1. You’ll be fine soloing everything up to and including Legion, but you need to be geared to do Mythic Antorus, with some fights still being a struggle for certain classes, that struggle being Eonar, and those classes being everything but Monk and DH (possibly Warrior).

    BfA still needs groups to pull off, but with a coordinated group you could probably roll the mythics with 10 geared out people, EZ mode.

  2. Most raids up to mythic Legion content can be soloed at 60, but I think a couple of bosses will give you trouble due to mechanics.

    I know some BfA bosses are soloable on LFR difficulty, but mechanics have not been adjusted for solo players. As such it’s nearly impossible to clear BfA raids right now.

  3. You can solo all the way up to later Mythic Legion raids, where the mechanics become too complicated to pull off alone. I am hoping they work on scaling in the next expansion to make it easier, otherwise it will probably be another 4 to 6 years before BFA and SL raids become soloable.

  4. Legion raids were tougher than they should have been but they adjusted those. Never was a huge deal but soloing is doable

  5. neutral_warlock

    I actually just cleared Mythic Nighthold and Mythic Tomb of Sargeras on my BM hunter the other night. My ilvl was 230ish. Avatar and Kil’Jaeden were the only ones I had trouble with.

  6. Heroic Antorus and below is soloable for anyone, just be sure to max out tankiness when you can and some legendaries as well for some classes

  7. HotPotatoWithCheese

    Vanilla – WoD are all easily soloable with shit gear once you reach a certain level (I’ve finished WoD raids on a level 50 I’m pretty sure).

    All Legion raids on normal difficulty are soloable on a fresh 60 and if you have half decent gear you can solo the first one or two Legion raids on mythic. The latter two Legion raids (Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus) require a fully geared character for mythic difficulty and some fights may be tricky if you are running a certain class.

    BfA and Shadowlands aren’t soloable yet. When Dragonflight comes out we should be able to solo BfA raids once we reach 70 with fresh levelling gear.

    The general rule is that the raids from an expansion become soloable once it is 2 expansions out of date.

    Example with release order of expacs:

    2004: vanilla

    2006: The Burning Crusade

    2008: Wrath of the Lich King (vanilla becomes soloable)

    2010: Cataclysm (TBC becomes soloable)

    2012: Mists of Pandaria (Wrath becomes soloable)

    2014: Warlords of Draenor (Cataclysm becomes soloable)

    2016: Legion (MoP becomes soloable)

    2018: Battle for Azeroth (WoD becomes soloable)

    2020: Shadowlands (Legion becomes soloable)

    2022/23: Dragonflight (BfA becomes soloable)

    2024: untitled (Shadowlands becomes soloable)

    And so on. Hope this makes sense.

  8. In BfA, you could solo at least up to the first tier of Legion raids (I did on 5 different toons for artifact skins since my pc in Legion was trash and I could barely do group content). So now? You absolutely can

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