32 thoughts on “it aint that hard guys πŸ’€”

  1. We’re really just gonna be using “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” as a guide, huh?

    You know what, I’m convinced

  2. ContributionOk1758

    Maybe just maybe the leader of the Io is the imagine sisters. Like the Io is called the imagened order for a reason. And the 7 don’t know about their betray . And think they are captured by the imagened order. But this is just my theory.

  3. chases_tornadoes

    This brings to mind a question I’ve had. Why do they call themselves the “Imagined” Order? Maybe The People That Want The Zero Point Order. Or We’re A Big Secret Order. But not We’re Not Really An Official Order, So Our Name Says That Order. I don’t know. I would like some understanding on this, because it doesn’t make sense to name yourselves fake. “We have no real authority here. Just taking it upon ourselves to control this situation because we can.”

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