14 thoughts on “Its good to have choppas back and off-road tires are just crash pads but reskined”

  1. WeStanTheTac

    This is peak fortnite.

    Doctor Strange with a lightsaber is in a choppa, getting shot by an anti-air missile. He is shot down, and saves himself with a stragetically thrown stack of tires.

  2. Tbf choppa in solo seems completely bs and useless. I just tried it today and for some reason I thought jumping out of it will let me jump down without taking damage… “dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die”

  3. maskdoesreddit

    this video just reminds me why fortnite is so fucking great. doctor strange riding a helicoptor as it gets with a fucking missle then he jumps out and uses fucking tires to break his fall and pulls out a lightsaber. This is just peak gaming overall. I really wish there was a mode with a collab items cause I love all the marvel items they are just so much fun

  4. Frostwing349

    the best part of seven choppas is the fact that the yspin out before exploding again

  5. If helicopters are in team rumble and planes come back then the game will become like some sort of Battlefield like it did back then on S7 with planes on team rumble

  6. Inspirational_Lizard

    Fucking hilarious how pointless choppers are, they have no fucking defenses.

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