42 thoughts on “it’s so annoying.”

  1. I also see the broom sweeping emote a lot, I assume it means sweeping up the trash. Still not as annoying as the donkey laugh. My go-to victory emote is crayon heart.

  2. The main reason laugh it up is so annoying is almost definitely the fact that it’s not considered music, so you can’t turn it off and it overrides the sounds of any other emote… not even the ominous humming of T-pose can drown that shit out

  3. Donkey laugh users when the female mocks them (She laughed)


  4. TheMenaceQueen

    At this point, this joke is not even funny. I found a guy on Creative donkey laughing on every kill, i didnt care at all and moved on, they left after awhile when he saw no one cared.

  5. This is like the thousandth “donkey laugh users need to touch grass” post I’ve seen this month

  6. Gotta blame the game on that one they know what they were doing when they made that emote lol

  7. I don’t have that emote but I guess I’m one of the only ones that thinks it can be really funny sometimes lol I had some one use that emote and cut it short and I laughed my ass off

  8. fortnite players try not to get angry at emotes people bought with their own money challenge level impossible:

  9. The_verge_king

    The fact that people upvoted this shitty post says something… not hard or anything but it definitely says something.

  10. AbletonRinzler

    I’m waiting for the big day, when Epic Games finally removes Laugh It Up from the game and refunds everyone who ones that dumb emote their V-Bucks.

  11. That’s…that’s the point of taunting. To get inside your head so the taunt is serving its purpose. You realise you can just ignore it right? It’s just like the Tyler the Creator meme, just look away from the screen if it bothers you that much. Mute the game even.

  12. pige0nzwastaken

    You ever have someone donkey laugh at you in team rumble? The audacity of some people

  13. Jomanderisreal

    I can deal with every emote in this game just fine besides that donkey laugh emote. I’m not even mad in a lot of the contexts it is used in (like I died to a person). It just actually hurts my ears when used it is literal nails on the chalkboard.

    If I had the power to there are a billion different types of laughs I would choose over that donkey laugh.

  14. Anyone complaining about the donkey laugh people, watch the video I posted on here. You’ll enjoy it

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