43 thoughts on “Just reached tier 100 , was wondering whether I am ahead or behind others”

  1. i_am_do_reddit_now

    according to Fortnite Progress, we’re only 46% of the way through the season.

    So for anyone who has the goal of 100, you need to be at 46 I guess.

    if your goal is 200, then you need to be at 92.

    So if you’re going for 200, you’re right on track 😀

  2. I really wouldn’t base it on people on this subreddit, there were people on this sub at lv 200 less than a week after the season started

  3. Behind if you’re comparing to people who grind STW. Ahead if you’re comparing to people who play normally.

  4. I’ve been doing all the quests, most of the milestones, and the occasional parkour run, and I am level 115. This is my first time with a battle pass so I hope to get all the rewards, but I’m happy just getting past 100 so I’m not missing any v-bucks.

    Is there any particular cosmetic in the post-100 part of the battle pass that you are hoping to get?

  5. You’re far ahead, unless you play STW often, in which case, you’re far behind. Don’t sweat it and play for fun, though.

  6. FrederickFazbuford

    I’m like 100 but i just wanted to get tier 100. Then I’ll take a break until star wars stuff comes back, buy it, then return for an event or next season.

  7. Been grinding hard and only tier 71, you’re definetly ahead of most people with lives

  8. Shiruno_rinisaki0619

    I’m more behind at level 60 something (I play a bunch of other games and my friends have wanted me to play with them a lot more recently)

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