9 thoughts on “Kul Tiran Druid VS Dark Iron Dwarf Paladin”

  1. Dark Iron Dwarf all the way. Beards give DPS boost, firey bears moreso. They are sturdy like regular dwarves, but metal as fuck. With the new profession system, as a paladin, youll want to be a badass armor or weapon smoth, and they get a bonus for that.

    Dark Iron is the most badass race in the game. I main a dark iron monk, but have 2 shamans, 3 paladins and 2 priests as well.

    Bonus points: level through cata era dungeons. When you get to BRD, bide your time, then pull half the instance on your party, bubble hearth out and yell at them while your dark iron brethren slaughter them all in your sacred halls

  2. I have a Kul Tiran warrior and very little looks good on him due to the leg/gut/shoulders proportions. I’m also not really a fan of their druid forms.

    Dark Iron Dwarf however is absolute fire (literally) and arguably has the best looking heritage armor in the game.

  3. Paladin is a much more fun class than Druid, and the other guy already told you why Dark Irons are better than Kul Tirans.

    Seems like you’ve got your answer.

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