Kul Tiras flying question.


Hello reddit I am a new wow player and I am trying to get the bee mount in Kul Tiras. In order to do this efficiently I need to fly around Stormsong Valley and look for a large amount of jellies. Without flying this will take me a painfully long time. So I decided to look up how to unlock flying. Apparently in order to fly I need to do a bunch of reputation shit, 100 world quests, explore everything and more. Is there any other way for me to get this? If there isn’t than this is just ridiculous, all I want to do is fly around the zone. Why should I need to do all this boring shit just to fly in a zone that isn’t even apart of the most recent expansion. smh


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  1. Unfortunately, there isn’t another way. It took me forever just to get the first part unlocked for flying. Then when I seen how much more rep I had to get for the second part I just gave up. Unless something has changed. I could be wrong.

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