Lackluster Item Shop


So recently the item shop has been sort of… *eh-* (IMO)

Don’t get me wrong, the skins, bundles, and really everything besides the emotes have been pretty good. But the emotes are just non-stop Uncommons, or just some pretty eh rares. I know that they’re bringing back old stuff, but could they not at least include a few newer rares or even epics in there too? Another thing I’ve noticed is that they bring in stuff Like The El Chaplin Colorado (sorry if I misspelled that), and it just sits there, for a few weeks. Same goes for the street fighter bundle, the one with Blanka and Sakura. It has been there for almost two weeks now. Like, I don’t really want an old guy wearing a goofy costume, or just some run of the mill outfits. I want something neat, like the emote Sway, or Work It.

Now look I get it, some people like that stuff but like I said, it’s just frustrating. The only reason I bring this up is because I’ve grinded almost 3,000 V-Bucks on Save The World, and It doesn’t really feel rewarding when all the bring is stuff like Rage Quit, and Waterworks.

Does anybody else feel the same way or am I just complaining for no reason?


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3 thoughts on “Lackluster Item Shop”

  1. Nah I agree the item shops have been blech. I’ve been waiting on some of the rare pirate skins from Ch1 to return, but I’ll probably be waiting a long time. The item shop just seems to rotate only the best selling skins and crossovers these days.

  2. They’ve been much better compared to the absolutely horrendous shops in ch2s4 through ch2s5. Actual good stuff returning, lots of old packs and bundles, I honestly can’t complain.

  3. shop feels like a huge ad. 10 crossovers in every shop every day. I just want better dailies and featured. old pickaxes and emotes to return. maybe if epic wasnt so happy sitting on their asses, squeezing money out of people with 20 collabs every week they’d have to improve the featured and dailies

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