30 thoughts on “Let him solo her”

  1. Master Chief, the avatar of tires, carrying Douglas, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone tires wherever he goes, all at incredible low prices! Truly the biggest threat for the IO, no one can resist these crazy savings.

  2. AbletonRinzler

    You better run, Slone. Nothing’s more scarier than Matte Black Master Chief running at you with Chonker’s Tires.

  3. First off, hats off to you for referencing that legend in Elden Ring that is “Let me solo her”, the one who helps players solo malenia while wearing nothing but a jar

    2nd, This is an amazing meme and one that commemorates the tire man-!

  4. toxictrooper5555

    In god’s deadliest creatures, don’t fear angry klombos, loopers or bosses, fear tire chief

  5. XxFortnite78xX

    Bruh the war is over in about 5 milliseconds and even if everything in existence teamed up to kill him he would shit on them all

  6. Out of ammo? Dont worry the UNSC just sent Spartan M0812 with Warthog tires to save the day.

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