Lets be real, Drum Shotguns have no reason to be as deadly as they are.

So, for reference, I’ve actively tested this in creative. Measured out distance and everything.

As of current patch, the common Drum shotgun has an damage output of 173 damage per second, provided all the pellets hit. This is better damage potential than every non-SMG weapon, let alone the weapons in it’s own class. Factoring in a headshot multiplier, it’s max is 216.

Okay, fine, it’s a shotgun, it should be deadly up close…but why exactly does it have the most ridiculous range possible? Like, it’s damage falloff starts at 4 tiles, or 20m. It still does 90% of it’s max at 5 tiles/25m, and decreases all the way down to 65% at 6 tiles/30m. That’s better than all the other shotguns, only edging the Ranger out on the last one due to it being 65% instead of 63%. The point at which it deals half damage is where the Auto and Pump STOP.

Lets face it, the drum is shockingly powerful. I swear, the last month of games I’ve lost have been at the hands of Drums. Most of my friends who play will drop nearly pretty much any rarity shotgun for a white pump, and I really think that’s the sign something’s broken. So many of my team rounds have ended in a hail of drum fire.

It’s honestly kinda frustrating because I don’t have an issue with ANY other weapon this season. The MK and Stingers have had their issues addressed, so my major issues from last season have been addressed.

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33 thoughts on “Lets be real, Drum Shotguns have no reason to be as deadly as they are.”

  1. I got f’ded up by a jetpack and drumgun weilding dude this morning it was sad. Unfortunately i didnt find a drum that match lol

  2. THANK YOU! I’m tired of dying to a dude fly-strafing around me on a jet pack practically sniping me with a damn drum shotgun in zero bulls it’s so infuriating

  3. This gun is not made for No Build playlists. It hasn’t proven to be a major annoyance in Build Modes for me or any decent player for that matter since they still mostly prefer Striker+SMG.

  4. I been throwing disco bombs with the drum shotgun in no builds. Haven’t met a person who withstanded it yet lol

  5. where-is-my-bread

    Just squad wiped a whole team with a green one. All of their loot was blue or above. Vault this gun.

  6. I just got a solo victory royale with one and I agree completely. The thing is unstoppable

  7. It’s crazy how running up and just drumming a guy is more viable than using a rifle.

  8. Played a no-build game, outplayed the opponent, then got beat out because of drum shotgun

    Played another game, decided ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, picked up a green drum shotgun, won the game with it.

    Realized that the issue isn’t just the damage or range, but rather the amount of ammo the thing comes with. You completely whiffed literally half your shots (I doubt you did, but hey, maybe the opponent was really shmoving)? Don’t worry, you can still kill a fully shielded opponent if you hit the rest. And hey, good news, while your opponent has probably emptied the clip of their SMG or non-drum shot gun and is being forced to reload/switch, you’ve still got 6 more shots. Pressure-free shots = Easy shots.

    Epic either has to reduce the number of bullets per mag which punishes you if you miss your shots, or they have to decrease the damage. Range-wise, eh, I think it’s fine. But the damage to mag-clip size ratio, plus the zero-recoil easiness of the gun, makes it completely op in cqc, hands down.

  9. Gang-Weeder-420

    I love that they made a single shot shotgun, when the best shotgun fires 12 times in the time it takes to shoot 2

  10. Night-ninja172

    Is it just me or is it everyone when the drum shotgun is used against you it’s op but when you use it you die to literally everything

  11. Consistent-Revenue85

    This Seasons Meta Rn: Find a Combat SMG and a Drum/Ranger Shotgun and you have a 66% chance of winning.

  12. If_you_want_money

    Bring back the season 9 combat, then we’ll see who is the *real* spam shotgun.

  13. AGREED. When even the casual side sees the problem, you know it’s something epic needs to adjust

  14. IncendiaryGamerX

    Shouldn’t be full auto, should do less damage, should have range nerfed so it isn’t stupidly op at range, possibly a longer reload time as well.

  15. Notyouraveragegeorge

    Really I think the only thing that got buffed was the range and maybe damage by a little. Back then it was still pretty good but you just had to be right on someone.

  16. Worst loot pool and game meta that has ever existed in this game. A god damn spam SHOTGUN and spray and pray overpowered combat smg. Awful awful awful

  17. You’re absolutely right, it should deal no damage at all. It should hit like a wet noodle so that there’s no point in using it at all. And then when you start getting killed by people with a different weapon, rather than use that weapon as well or get better at the game, we should also ask for that to get nerfed too.

  18. imo they should have just kept the drum the same except give it 3.35 fire rate with slightly higher base damage

  19. Just change it back to its season 9 version I still don’t know why they ever changed it.

    Another one of my favourite guns down the drain 🙁

  20. Epic wants new players to play the game. Which don’t make sense cuz fortnite should have been the one game which focused on it’s initial playerbase cuz it’s already bigger than every other game. So they add skilless wepons which require nothing but holding left click and approximately aim at the player. Ya shure they added wepons like the Ranger which require insane accuracy but those aren’t the broken wepons. The Ranger only got 1 bullet which is very easy to miss. Whereas the drum got 9 or 10 (idk i don’t use it) and they hit hard enough as shown by OP’s testing.

    Epic is weird from their actions it looks like they want a playerbase of 8 billion players playing the game at all time

  21. And so the cycle continues… Stinger and Combat SMG gets nerfed then they move on to something else to cry about Snerfs never surprise me 🙄

    Just think you wouldn’t be in this situation if you didn’t cry nerf to everything else now would ya 🤣

    I’m calling it now when the Drum shotgun gets nerfed you’ll be crying about the Ranger.

  22. I think io should just 1 tap, box like a fish full on aimbot drum shottys with jet packs it such a pain in the ass that’s why I’m now saving the world

  23. Where do you guys get these stats from lol. It can’t do 217 a second with headshots. Sounds the same as the 400 damage per second pump, just coz it has a fire rate of 3 doesn’t mean it fires at 3 shots per second…..just like the drum

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