Let’s talk Dragonflight. (Speculations)


I decided to do some of my own digging and one screenshot came back to mind which was the Profession overhaul screenshot.

[In the Screenshot we can see a few things. there is going to be these different tiers of metals. Tyrivite is an Ore, But we see the alloy which is Black Dragon Seared alloy. Being an alloy would usualy mean its a composite off of 2 ores so we can speculate that there is going to be at least 3. Draconium sounds more like an basic Ore while Titanicium could potentially be an alloy while also sounding like it’d not be at the same time which would mean its possible to have 4 types of Minerals which would probably tie in to how Shadowlands did their mining as well. or it could just take the BFA route where we started off with only 3 and then had the introduction of that new Ore after we had the Aszhara update.](https://preview.redd.it/7s40c7fcejv81.jpg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b004689931d8b894115a69ac8ff7557e91c010d4)

Keep in mind though, looking at the Ore and alloy. You can see that Tyrivite is only a 1 star Ore while the Black Dragon seared alloy its a 2 star reagent. While this may also symbolise that “Their mining skill might’ve been lower, resulting in poorer quality ore”. It may also mean that this Black Dragon alloy is probably what this expansion’s shadowghast bar is.

Profession tools though. We can see that there is a Blacksmith’s tools, leatherworker’s tools, a skinning knife, needle set, pickaxe and sickle. Now I had a thought in mind when seeing this and that we may be returning to the routes of Classic where you may need a level above 300 skinning for boss mobs and this would be the idea to come to mind. Profession tools will probably speed up professions and how they’re utilised but also probably give bonuses to that profession such as a level bonus if required to skin boss mobs or (who knows, maybe even Mine boss mobs for extra ore.).


Then lets talk about the other things. There’s gear tagged Bloody and Traitorous. I can only assume these have some kind of relation to PVP or maybe the bloody gear could be a higher item level than black dragon alloy and draconium gear all up.


Now Reagents. Primal Convergent. It’s possible we could be returning back to TBC where players would need to gather motes, combine them together and then find an alchemist who would transmute it together or it might even just be a possible drop from chests / elite mobs. Maybe it’ll take a WOD style approach and become our new Primal blood (which i really hope for).


Optional Reagents, something you can craft to Amplify power but it isn’t shown in this screenshot that there is any potential ones…yet. It might be possible that it’ll use the same system we had for Missives in Shadowlands and inscriptionists can create an optional reagent to write to the weapon or perhaps an enchanter can create a seal of dragon magic to imbue an weapon or armour with.


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