Lightsabers just allowed me to have probably my favorite moment I’ve ever had in Fortnite

There was about 30 people left in my match and out of the corner of my eye I see a Kylo Ren skin running with an obi wan lightsaber. I had gotten a Kylo one earlier in the match so I ran up to him with it and dropped it for him, he dropped the obi one picked up the kylo one and we went our separate ways. Finally we’re down to the top two and wouldn’t you know my opponent is the Kylo I gave the lightsaber to earlier in the match. We both knew what had to be done. We both ignited our lightsabers and blocked, parried, and dodged each others attacks until the very last circle. Thats when we actually started to go at it. I guess it was just his health was lower then mine but I got the better of him. In all honesty at that point I didn’t even care about winning, that moment was just an awesome experience that I was smiling ear to ear the whole way through. Im really hoping the rumors are true and the star wars theme is sticking around next season because it really is awesome.

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4 thoughts on “Lightsabers just allowed me to have probably my favorite moment I’ve ever had in Fortnite”

  1. Dancing_Clean

    I was in a match and was about to go after a guy, we were shooting, built walls, then he noticed I had my lightsaber out. Then he started the *friendly* motions (spam crouching, pickaxe, shooting the ground), so I was like “alright…let’s do this..” then we started a lightsaber fight, we got third partied and…I got scared and padded away.

    THEN WE FOUND EACH OTHER AGAIN, same thing, except we build walls around us to make a ring. We were going at it, I was weak, I knew I was done for…then we got third partied, he was killed from a drum. I was kinda mad so I sorta sweat on the guy with builds and a striker pump. I avenged him…then I got sniped and it was all over haha but it was such a good time.

  2. LiamTheLegendXBL

    im really hoping the rumors arent true and the star wars theme doesnt come back next season because it really is dumb to have a whole season based on a collab

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