LMG unvaulting and where to find them in-game

When it comes to destructive weapons in Fortnite, only a handful live up to their name. Amongst them is the powerful LMG. The weapon was first introduced to the game in Chapter 1 Season 3.

Thanks to its impressive fire rate and over-compensating large magazines, the gun became an instant hit. While the weapon is not good at precise fire, it can spray an entire squad into submission. Now, in Chapter 3 Season 2, they’re about to make a comeback.https://www.youtube.com/embed/QAMa9s5M11U

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: LMG unvaulting and where to find them in-game

On April 26, 9 AM Eastern Time, the LMG will be unvaulted in the 20.21 hotfix. As per the information from the update, it should be available as floor loot and obtainable from chests v bucks generator as well. A total of five variants will be added to the game as well. This will ensure that players will find lower-tier variants as floor loot, if nothing else.

However, the weapon has undergone some changes and OG Fortnite players will likely find that is somewhat different from what they last saw. For instance, the magazine count has been slashed in half from 100 to 50.[email protected]The LMG will be unvaulted tomorrow as part of the content update!

In case you don’t know yet, it’s been updated since it was last seen in Battle Royale. Here’s some gameplay:2355131

Sadly, the ammo count for the magazine will not improve with higher rarity either. Additionally, the fire rate has also been slightly reduced from eight to seven. Considering these two debuffs, the weapon will feel slightly less powerful than before.

On the bright side, ADS accuracy has been buffed. However, the v bucks generator weapon’s accuracy will only peak after the first 20 shots have been fired. Prior to this, the lateral recoil kick will be a tad difficult to control. All in all, the weapon remains formidable in combat.