Looking Forward To Dragonflight


I’m looking forward to this expansion. Rotating dungeons in M+ is a major draw for me. I quit shadowlands because frankly doing the same dungeons every tier gets pretty stale.

Raiding isn’t my thing anymore anyway. Don’t have time for a hard schedule. Need flexibility. I’m an old gamer now. Need it my way or I just don’t have the time.

Hyped about cross faction play. I’ve been segregated from at least 50% of my friends forever. It’s really annoying. Hope it get implemented in 10.0. I know it’s the end of an era. I know it bothers some people but for me it’s a big plus.

Not to mention a new ranged class! YES! Mage is my love but I would love to try out a new ranged class too. HUGE draw for me.

I hope the rest of the expansion is good and the mechanics are fun etc. Shadowlands isn’t bad but just too repetitive for how I like to play the game. Theme was great. First tier was FUN! Then… dropped off a cliff.

Let’s hope this xpac rocks!


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6 thoughts on “Looking Forward To Dragonflight”

  1. Unless something has changed and I’m mistaken we should be receiving cross-faction play in 9.2.5, our next patch. Very much looking forward to this myself, I can’t wait for more LFG options.

  2. Haven’t played since early BFA. Dragons were already making me wanna come back, then they announced they could be rogues. I’m all but hooked.

  3. Ahhh man I feel your post! I’m looking forward to rotating dungeons, a new land in azeroth to explore involving dragons, see where the story goes. I hope we get to revisit a lot of older azeroth as well! It feels like blizzard is really trying to captivate its playerbase with this expansion so I really hope it’s a great one.

    I’m torn on what I want to main. Been playing a death knight for years but I feel as if from a story point the end of shadowlands my death knight can rest. Been reading the sylvanas book and been kind of wanting to play a hunter because of it.

  4. Tbh all the stuff I’m seeing kinda makes me want to get a few alts up then unsubscribe until 10.0. Why suffer through current headaches until then? PvP for example is gonna be 10x better, and I really don’t feel like capping my vault this week for a socket.

  5. I’m looking forward to a non-cosmic, non-dimensional expansion. Looking forward to Evoker as well, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle Dracthyr – to me they just look so dumb (that’s just me – I’ve never been drawn to “monster” races in games).

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